Oakland Raiders: Without a Redzone QB, the Team Fails Horribly in Pittsburgh

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IINovember 22, 2010

Defensive lineman Richard Seymour fined 25K for jab at QB Ben Roethlesberg
Defensive lineman Richard Seymour fined 25K for jab at QB Ben RoethlesbergEzra Shaw/Getty Images

 It appeared that defensive lineman Richard Seymour was just as disgusted as the millions of Oakland Raiders fans were this past Sunday. Seymour was offended when QB Ben Rothlesberg made a derogatory statement against the Silver and Black and was rewarded by a jab to the face because of it. This was pretty much the highlight of the game and the defensive nature of the game with a huge amount of penalties.

I hate to say I told you so, but I knew that quarterback Jason Campbell could not face off against a team that would put his throwing skills to the test. Simply put: 

The Oakland Raiders cannot compete without a QB that cannot score TDs in the Red Zone.

Jason Campbell looked awful in Pittsburgh and his game was reminiscent of what happened to him in San Francisco. Jason Campbell was totally out of it and his play showed it. Almost like he didn't get any sleep the night before. Jason, word of advice, " You are no Stabler"

It was predicted that the Oakland Raiders would lose because they didn't have the QB skills like the Patriots' Tom Brady, who defeated the Steelers last week.

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It would appear that the analyst were correct: The Pittsburgh Steelers threw all over the field and even Ben Rothlesberger was able to run in for the TD. It was a huge disappointment for the Oakland Raiders and the Raidernation to see the team defeated in this manner.

There has been a huge following and rooting for Campbell. There were many fans satisfied with Jason Campbell because he won games. However, it appeared that Campbell was riding on the running skills of RB Darren McFadden.   Once Darren McFadden was stopped by a strong defensive line, he was unable to perform.

Campbell was then allowed to do the most horrible throwing I have seen in years; so bad in fact, that coach Tom Cable brought in QB Bruce Gradkowski to see if the game would pick up in the third quarter. It never happened.

The damage was already done: Jason Campbell had already given the Pittburgh Steelers six free points with an interception that was run back for a TD.

So what options are available for the Oakland Raiders? Should Gradkowski be given the reins? If anything, what does this say about the Oakland Raider offensive line?

Right off the bat, get some practice between Campbell and the WRs of Oakland. Campbell threw a horrible game, not mention that he is docile the majority of the time.

It also appears that the Oakland Raiders are in dire need of a QB: Gradkowski is a decent option; however, he is too sporadic and although he brings heart to the game, he should have been allowed to play from the start. He was given the opportunity to defeat the Steelers too late into the game.

Had Bruce Gradkowski been brought in from the start, the Raiders could easily have won this game, as it was basically defense. There is no speculation here as Bruce Gradkowski is basically a "pigskin slinger ", Bruce has the fast release so Pittburgh can blitz all day. More than likely Bruce Gradkowski would have got the ball to McFadden, Bush or Marcel Reece.

Another weakness for the Oakland Raiders is playing football without CB Nnamdi Asomugha.The Raiders had been stopping the run, but without CB Nnamdi Asomugha, the WRs had a little more play and it was not as tight as it should have been.

  CB Chris Johnson has been burned in recent games and is nowhere close to the matching the skills of Asomugha. In fact, why haven't the Raiders found a replacement for Chris Johnson?

 So now what lies in the future of the Oakland Raiders? Who will be the starting QB? I believe that Gradkowski has always been the starting QB. The Oakland Raiders have wasted literally millions on the arms of both JaMarcus Russell and Jason Campbell. These two QBs are nowhere near the level of QB that the Oakland Raiders are in need of. In fact let me say that they suck. Pretty harsh but I would take an aging Rich Gannon over Jason Campbell

Oakland also had a chance to pick up Michael Vick and he would have played well with RB Darren McFadden and TE Zach Miller.

The Oakland Raiders need to just stick with Bruce Gradkowski. Let him finish out the season then start searching for a Red Zone QB. Trade Jason Campbell for a pick,keep Bruce Gradkowski as second string and then lets get some more wins.

If the Oakland Raiders want to be a Superbowl team then they need a Superbowl quarterback and no matter how many games Jason Campbell has won, he lost an important game for the Silver and Black.Not to mention the guy was emotionless.

  I guess Jason Campbell keeps looking at his paycheck, new car, new home. All furnished by Al Davis and the Raidernation. In return to Al, here's a loss in Pittsburgh with a rested team, I am gonna throw the football like a little girl.

A loss like this could be damaging to team morale. I hope not, but it was a miserable loss and nowhere near the play millions of fans expected. Particularly myself.

  This matchup wasn owhere near what Al Davis or Tom Cable  expected. I expect heads to roll in the Raider locker room. As for Richard Seymour, I would have let out my frustration in same manner.Some times enough is enough.