20 Greatest NBA Rebounders Ever: Minute by Minute

Ike MontalboCorrespondent INovember 14, 2010

20 Greatest NBA Rebounders Ever: Minute by Minute

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    Seeing Kevin Love grab over 30 rebounds the other night inspired me to continue on with my minute-by-minute list.

    When I compile an all-time list, I acquire the per minute production number. For instance, to see who are truly the best rebounders ever, I divide career rebounds by career minutes played.

    On my per minute scoring list, you see Michael Jordan has the highest points per minute of any NBA player ever at .787 points per minute for his entire career! Crazy awesome! Aside from Gervin, no one was even close.

    Same goes with assists, as we found out John Stockton dished it out for an all-time NBA career high of .331 assists per minute for his career! Nice.

    Here I only gauged every player to ever grab 10 rebounds a game or more for their entire careers. There were over 40 of them, but I went a step further and only counted the guys who averaged .350 rebounds per minute or more for their careers.

    This way you see who the true greatest rebounders EVER are.

    Hint: Only one of today's NBA players are on this list. Those who got close are Marcus Camby and Ben Wallace. Close, but no cigar.

    These are the greatest rebounders ever!

#20: Dolph Schayes: .351 Rebounds Per Minute Career

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    Dolph Schayes went from being rookie of the year to being one of the forefathers of NBA stardom. He is one of the greatest rebounders ever and a champion with the Syracuse Nationals (Nats). He grabbed .351 rebounds per minute for his career.

#19: Dave Cowens: .353 Rebounds Per Minute Career

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    He was a 6'9" center, which was short even for the 1970s, but his hustle was unmatched by today's players. He was a two-time champion and an awesome anticipatory rebounder. His career rebounds per minute is .351 per. He could also score and play D-too! One of the greatest overall players ever.

#18: Dwight Howard: .354 Rebound Per Minute Career

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    MIAMI - OCTOBER 29:  Center Dwight Howard #12  of the Orlando Magic dunks against the Miami Heat at American Airlines Arena on October 29, 2010 in Miami, Florida.  NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this
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    The only player from today's NBA to make this list. He is tall, strong and likes rebounding, which is cool. His career rebounds per minute is .354, so far.

#17: Bill Bridges: .359 Rebounds Per Minute Career

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    Just because young NBA fans haven't heard of him, doesn't mean he didn't exist. I never go by the opinions of today's NBA fans.

    He played 13 years in the NBA and helped the Golden State Warriors win the title in 1975. He was a rebounding machine who averaged .359 rebounds per minute for his entire career. He was only 6'6"!!!

    Study the old school, children.

#16: Moses Malone: .360 Rebounds Per Minute Career

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    Forward Dominique Wilkins and center Moses Malone of the Atlanta Hawks jump for the ball during a game against the Denver Nuggets at the McNichols Sports Arena in Denver, Colorado.
    Tim DeFrisco/Getty Images

    Malone was a game controlling rebounder who scored well, too. The big guy grabbed .360 rebounds per minute for his entire career, and he won an NBA title in 1983. Philadelphia picked him up that year so they could win it all, and they did!

#15: Red Kerr: .363 Rebounds Per Minute Career

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    Red Kerr is a legend of the game and all of the other greats know it. They give him his props. Today's NBA fans have never heard of the guy. Sad.

    Read about him.

    His career rebounds per minute is .363

#14: Willis Reed: .365 Rebounds Per Minute Career

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    Reed was the big 6'9" star of the early beloved 1970s Knicks championship teams. He was an amazing rebounder. His career led him to .365 rebounds per minute career.

#13: Walt Bellamy: .366 Rebounds Per Minute Career

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    He is almost forgotten as one of the game's dominating big men, but Walt Bellamy, in the shadows of contemporaries Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russell, had a nice career. His rebounds per minute average for his career is .366.

#12: Gus Johnson: .367 Rebounds Per Minute Career

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    Gus Johnson played some great seasons with the Bullets and is one of the first forwards to frequently play above the rim. This 6' 6", 235-pounder combined an unusual blend of strength, jumping ability, and speed. He was one of the first dunk shot artists in the NBA and averaged .367 career rebounds per minute.

#11: Harry Gallatin: .373 Rebounds Per Minute Career

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    Gallatin is a star of yesteryear who was a seven time All-Star. In 1954, Gallatin led the NBA in rebounding, and was named to the All-NBA First Team. Gallatin was named to the All-NBA Second Team in 1955. His career saw him grab .373 rebounds per minute. 

#10: Swen Nater: .381 Rebounds Per Minute Career

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    Nater was a big journeyman who he led the NBA in rebounds in 1980. In 1985, he became an NBA champion with the Lakers, then he retired. Nice. He averaged 10.8 rebounds for his career in only a little over 28 minutes a night!

#9: Clyde Lee: .384 Rebounds Per Minute Career

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    Clyde Lee was a far better rebounder than anyone in today's game. He cared about grabbing boards. In 10 (1966–1976) NBA seasons spent with the Warriors, Hawks and 76ers, Lee scored 5,733 points and grabbed 7,626 rebounds in 742 games. He also was an All-Star in 1968.

#8: Wes Unseld: .384 Rebounds Per Minute Career

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    Unseld was short, stout and a damn great rebounder. He did it all, but he mostly was a winner. He did anything for a win.

#7: Jerry Lucas: .402 Rebounds Per Minute Career

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    Lucas was the biggest basketball star in the world for a while back in the day. He could score, play defense and obviously, rebound. He averaged an astonishing .402 rebounds per minute for his entire career.

#6: Nate Thurmond: .403 Rebounds Per Minute Career

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    Nate lived in the shadow of Wilt, but Wilt had respect for the 6'10" defensive master. Wilt said this guy gave him fits, and didn't let him grab all the rebounds either. He was one of the only guys close to Wilt's size.

#5: Dennis Rodman: .414 Rebounds Per Minute Career!

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    7 Mar 2000: Dennis Rodman #70 of the Dallas Mavericks rebounds the ball during a game against the Seattle SuperSonics at the Key Arena in Seattle, Washington. The Sonics defeated the Mavericks 101-86.
    Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

    Dennis is the greatest rebounder of the modern era, and he was only about 6'7" and 225 pounds. This guy's work ethic at rebounding could only be matched by the guys of the old eras. Rodman couldn't score, but he could play defense and rebound like crazy.

    This guy was insane on the court, and off it. He grabbed .414 rebounds per minute for his entire career—wtf?

#4: Bob Pettit: .418 Rebounds Per Minute Career

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    Pettit is THE most underrated player in NBA history in my opinion. He almost single-handedly won an NBA title in 1958 against the mighty Celtics and their big man, Bill Russell. He is one of the greatest scorers and one of the greatest rebounders ever. He is one of my favorite players of all time.

#3: Walter Dukes: .425 Rebounds Per Minute Career

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    He played for New York, Minneapolis and Detroit. While with the Pistons, he was named to the 1960 and 1961 NBA All-Star West Teams. Dukes averaged double figures in rebounds in six of his eight seasons in the NBA, and had career averages of 11.3 rebounds per game and 10.4 points per game. Nice.

#2: Wilt Chamberlain: .500 Rebounds Per Minute Career!

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    The second greatest player of all-time (after MJ) is also the second greatest rebounder of all-time. Wilt averaged an all-time high 22.9 rebounds per game for his career, which he did in 45.8 minutes per game over a 16 year career.

    He was obsessed with rebounding and doing everything else, when he should have been obsessed with winning. Like MJ was, as well as our number one rebounding guy...

#1: Bill Russell: .531 Rebounds Per Minute Career!

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    This guy was absolutely astonishing as a rebounder. He was even better than Wilt at it, which is wild, because Wilt was 7'1" and 280 pounds. Bill Russell was 6'9" and 225 pounds!

    How in the hell did he do this? I just know that he is the greatest winner in NBA history with 11 rings. It boggles the mind that even though he could not score very well, he still led in other ways, and by rebounding so much, and playing awesome defense, he always kept the Celtics in the game.

    The greatest rebounder ever is Bill Russell.