2010 F1 Title Still No Forgone Conclusion, but Now Down To Only Three Drivers

David HuggettContributor INovember 9, 2010

Only one can take the drivers title
Only one can take the drivers titleMark Thompson/Getty Images

Always one of the best events of the year, and with so much for several drivers to lose, the action at Interlagos this weekend was nothing short of relentless.

Perhaps the biggest spanner in the works for the title fighters, besides the rainy qualifying session on Saturday, was the Williams rookie Hulkenburg taking pole position by over a second from the Red Bull's.  This was surely going to cause problems for some the top five as he was only going to become another car to pass, not really having the pace for a podium finish.  A lucky decision with tyres and timing in Q3 was largely what put him on the front row, not to take away from him a great drive as well that got him there. 

But there still begs the ultimate question - who is going all the way this year?

Alonso still holds the points advantage, but the now weathered in Ferrari engine is known to falter, especially under pressure with so much to lose.  And does Alonso deserves the title this year? It would be a shame to see anyone miss out due to a technical failure this late in the day, but the race in Brazil showed that it is by now means a dead cert for him.  Had the team orders incident not happened earlier in the season, myself and many other may feel differently, but Id far rather see him win it fair and square and with a bit more charm.

What about the Red Bull's? They already have the constructors title sewn up.  In the title hunt, Webber seems like the better placed of the two to clinch it, and it would be far more poetic in the light of the recent favoritism rumors in the RBR camp.  He is going to have to produce the drive of his life and rely on some maturity from his team mate should he end up on pole.  One thing that is for certain is that no amount of team orders will change Webber's focus on winning this weekend, regardless of where Alonso is on the track.

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It looks like the requirements of a miracle have been handed from Button to Hamilton after missing out on a much needed win in Brazil.  Both drivers have performed well this season and if it wasn't for several unfortunate incidents throughout the year, both could and would still be well in the runnings.

So there we have it.  One more race to go. Three realistic contenders.  The great thing about this season is that even at this late stage, nobody can pick it.