Prime Time Wrestling the Best Independent Circuit Around

adam smereckiCorrespondent IAugust 25, 2008

Prime Time Wrestling is the best independent wrestling promotion in the Midwest, dare I say the country. I have been to many, many wrestling shows in my time, and this promotion takes the cake every time.


“Kingpin” Dave Martin is the sole promoter of the Michigan-based company. He runs his shows out of the Diamondback Saloon in Belleville, Michigan, and I have to say the site is perfect.


Prime Time Wrestling has welcomed such stars as: Rhino, Al Snow, Johnny Devine, Robert Roode, Eric Young, The Motor City Machine Guns, and plenty more. I am not talking about a show that has one of these aforementioned stars on the card—I am talking about all of the stars on one card.


“Kingpin” took time out to do a quick interview with me…


Adam: “How long have you been promoting PTW?”


King Pin: “I’ve promoted PTW for six years.”


A: “How did the Diamondback Saloon get the rights to hold the events?”


KP: “I’m good friends with Russ, the owner of the Diamondback, and with the layout of the bar I thought it would be great for a show.”


A: “How exactly do you book your talent for the shows? Is the process exhausting or are most wrestlers eager to work?”


KP: “I book my talent (if TNA talent) through Bob Ryder of TNA bookings...all other wrestlers I contact personally. And wrestlers are usually always eager to make money and get experience.”


A: “We heard about the Sid Vicious no show...what is your opinion on him?”


KP: “Wow my opinion of Sid....Well I’ve known Sid for about 18 years and we always were very cordial towards each other...I was warned about Sid having a no show rep and rolled the dice and got burned...I think he is very unprofessional and its no wonder why he is not with WWE or TNA..I’ll take the high road and leave it at that...”


A: “Which wrestler are you hoping to book for a show more than any other?”


KP: “Wow my biggest regret as a promoter and booker is that I didn’t have a chance to book my friend the late Curt Hennig...as far as now, booking Ric Flair now that he is available would be pretty big for PTW.”


A: “Do you wrestle yourself?”


KP: “In 1989 I bounced at a local strip club and met a lot of the boys from WWF...we hung out , became friends and was talked into being trained to wrestle...

"The late Ricky Cortez trained me and I bounced around for a while, but when I had a chance to work full time for Jerry Lawler down in Memphis and I decided to stay in Michigan and keep my $75,000 a year job rather than make $50 a night wrestling.

"Do I regret it sometimes? Yes...But at the time I wanted the money.  I tried a comeback in 2002 training with Scott D'Amore, but a leg injury stopped that. Thus I promote now.”


A: “What is the final card for this next show?”


KP: “The card for Sept 21st is...Tyson Dux vs. Brad martin...Old Timer Jeff King VS. A1...Jamie D and Eddie Venom Vs Tony Smalls and Kat...Jason Harris vs. CK3...Johnny Devine vs. Zach Gowen...Cowboy James Storm vs. Eric Young...and for the PTW title Champion Robert Roode vs The Monster Abyss.”


A: “Just to be clear to the fans...Big Poppa Pump will be at this show?”


“Yes Scott Steiner will be at PTW signing autographs and meeting the fans...His knee injury will keep him from wrestling though.”


You can check out PTW online @http://www.ptwwrestling.com


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