NBA Bans Shoe Designed to Increase Vertical Leap

Mathew DavisContributor IOctober 19, 2010

Derek Fisher and Steve Nash will regrettably have to forgo showcasing their newfound leaping ability to adhere to the NBA's decision banning a new sneaker that promises to "make players jump higher." 

The shoe, created by Athletic Propulsion Labs, is called Concept 1 and is priced at $300.

Instead of focusing on shock absorption technology, the preference of most athletic shoe companies, APL has created a shoe that is designed to compress and then release, mirroring the effect of a spring.

It looks to be the real deal too.

In test studies, "participants achieved up to 3.5 inches of increased vertical leap." The shoe may also increase endurance because players don't have to exert themselves as much. 

While it would have been great to see Earl Boykins test the limits of gravity, I think the NBA got this one right.

As for me, though the price tag is a little unsettling, the idea of posterizing some rec players is very tempting.