Is the Spurs’ Dynasty Over?

Nohome JeromeCorrespondent IAugust 20, 2008

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Nowadays it’s tought to build a dynasty in American Sports. Time of Boston Celtics or Los Angeles Lakers expired decades ago. The salary cap, the increasing of the level and the free agency makes very hard to keep a bunch of talented players for a long term.

The San Antonio Spurs are the exception. The Texan Franchise has won four NBA titles in ten years; three out of last six, but they really struggled in Western Conference Finals, and there are doubts on them for the upcoming season.

Is their dynasty really over?

They have in Tim Duncan the most dominant center in the game. The dynasty has been built around him. He formed with David Robinson the best inside duo of the NBA, and the front office did a remarkable job rebuilding on time.

Robinson’s career was about to expire when they drafted with low draft picks players such as Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili. Both were key players in the previous three titles, but they are getting older.

Duncan is also getting older, and the Conference is getting even harder. The Utah Jazz is a built contender, the L.A. Lakers were the title runner-up last season and there are many rising teams.

The New Orleans Hornets, leaded by Chris Paul are a young team with many weapons. CP3 is the best point guard in the game, David West is a top five Power Forward and they have added a role player such as James Posey. They also have Tyson Chandler, a dominant center. They have now postseason experience too.

The Houston Rockets are also a big contender, and they have also improved the team. Ron Artest will be a difference maker and Yao is back after the injury. Moreover, they have stolen Brent Barry to the Spurs.

We also have to count on the Blazers, the most talented young team in the league. They are also better than the last season. They recover Greg Oden, 2007 draft first overall pick, and they add Rudy Fernandez, maybe the best European player of the last season.

Well, their rivals have done moves during the off-season, but what have the Spurs’ front office done?


Duncan, Parker and Ginobili are one of top big threes in the league, but they do not have a reliable supporting cast. Bruce Bowen is not the shutdown player he used to be and they don’t have good bench players.

The big three is the base of the team, but the front office has not provided them talent around. In my opinion their time is reaching to the end and they will not be in the hunt in 2008/9.

They will make the Playoffs, but I don’t see them advancing to the NBA Finals or even the Western Conference Finals.


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