Andy Murray: Just a Master, But Not a Great Like Roger Federer Or Rafael Nadal

Michael CasentiCorrespondent IOctober 17, 2010

Is this forehand what it takes for Andy Murray to stop breeding plagues of disappointment in his British fans?
Is this forehand what it takes for Andy Murray to stop breeding plagues of disappointment in his British fans?

It seems as if the United Kingdom is trying to breed some talented and successful tennis players, but also, disappointment.  Will British tennis ever be revitalized?  There is always room to hope, especially after Andy Murray's win in Shanghai, but there is rarely any room to see something happen.

British tennis was never at the top during the Open Era, and after approximately 40 years of waiting, not even a single player seems ready for the test.  Yes, not even Andy Murray is ready to grow into the players Britain has trying to have for 40 years.  

While Andy Murray may seem aloof and reticent, the grand slams have been aloof and callus to Murray. Tennis karma?  While Andy Murray has been a staple at the hard court grand slams, with two final appearances, he is always stopped by none other than the Master Federer.  Rather, King Roger the Great. And by a spunky Spanish kid called Rafael Nadal.  Both great.  Both legends.  Both contenders of the title GOAT.

It was 2008.  He could have won a grand slam. It was 2009.  He should have won a grand slam.  It is/was 2010.  He had to win a grand slam.  While I might by looking at the past, let's move forward to the future. It will be 2011.  He must win a grand slam. What happens if he doesn't?  Roger Federer won't retire.  

Watching a replay of a Murray match, Murray has most of the ingredients to make a food called a grand slam. He has the first serve, backhand, speed, anticipation and volleys.  But he is missing (of course!) the two most important ingredients to the recipe of success.  Aggression.  A forehand.  

A natural coward from aggression, Andy Murray is the new Martina Hingis, but one without five grand slams. Paradoxically, or maybe fittingly, Andy Murray wants the grand slams, but he doesn't want it. Meaning, his heart wants it, but his brain doesn't follow. If he had the right mindset, the Scot would have one a grand slam by now (Novak Djokovic?).  But unfortunately, without the aggression of a forehand, Andy Murray won't win a grand slam, unless his draw treats him kind.  Andy Murray: A wizard without the wand.

However, Mr. Murray is still young, and has time to improve.  But another obstacle stands in his way. Stubbornness.  Not even Rennae Stubbs is stubborn as a very stubborn Andy Murray.  So Andy Murray, please beef up your forehand.  A very talented player.  A very smart (sometimes) mind.  A very disappointed man.

Get out of your disappointment, get a forehand, and win a grand slam.  Then you will contend with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.  GOAT?


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