Teach Me How To Dougie: Ranking the Top 10 "Dougies" in Sports

Sam WestmorelandFeatured ColumnistOctober 13, 2010

Teach Me How To Dougie: Ranking the Top 10 "Dougies" in Sports

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    There's a new dance craze sweeping the NFL and the sports world in general: the Dougie.

    We've seen football players, basketball players and mascots all doing the Dougie. But what exactly is it? Who does it the best?

    These are the 10 best Dougies of 2010, plus a bit of explanation about what all the fuss is about. 

    Be warned that this slideshow contains videos with explicit rap lyrics, making it unsuitable for children or work.

What Is the Dougie?

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    According to an article on ESPN,  the Dougie started in metro Dallas. Its signature shoulder drop and head rub are homages to legendary rapper Doug E. Fresh.

    A quartet of rappers named the Cali Swag District saw the moves in Dallas and created a song called "Teach Me How to Dougie," which has reached No. 31 on the Billboard charts.

    But the dance didn't really take off until Reggie Bush used it after a touchdown run in last season's Divisional Round clash against the Cardinals.

    It's tough to explain the Dougie, but you'll see it throughout this slideshow.

10. Reggie Bush

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    Bush was the first, so he gets a spot on the charts. If he wasn't, though, it was a pretty lacking effort on the dance front.

9. John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins and Tiny Gallon

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    The only one really doing it well here is Wall, but Cousins and Gallon are trying really hard. The fact that the song just sort of came on and they formed a dance circle like a bunch of 35-year-old women puts it on the board, though.

8. The Portland Trail Blazers Rookies

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    You just watched Luke Babbitt try and fail miserably at doing the Dougie. You can't un-see it now. Everyone else is laughing too hard at him to do it right.

7. Braylon Edwards Is an Idiot

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    Leave it to Braylon Edwards not to figure out how not to draw a celebration penalty. Why would you do it at the man marking you? Are you stupid?

6. Anthony Armstrong

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    Armstrong does something that looks like the Dougie, but he might just be having muscle spasms or something.

5. Taylor Mays Does the Dougie

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    Why is No. 82 in this shot at all? Clearly, from your movements, you have no rhythm, sir. Let Taylor do his thing. It's short, but he does it right, at least.

4. The Golden State Warriors Rookies

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    If it weren't for the first dancer here, this group wouldn't have sniffed the top 10. What I want to know is, why doesn't Jeremy Lin get a crack at it?

3. Glen Davis

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    Ignore the shoddy production values here; Big Baby can dance like nobody's business. Maybe the Warriors should trade for him.

2. Nate Robinson

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    This one has good dancing, fantastic production values and everyone in the video can dance. Easily one of the best of the bunch. Kudos, Nate Robinson.

1. The Oregon Duck

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    Take note, athletes: This is how you hit the Dougie. Short and sweet.