JWoww and the 20 Most Badass Reality TV Show Fighters

Bailey Brautigan@BBrautiganFeatured ColumnistOctober 11, 2010

JWoww and the 20 Most Badass Reality TV Show Fighters

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    According to TMZ, Jenni 'JWoww' Farley has just signed a deal with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling to appear on Spike's TNA Impact! on Thursday night.

    This is a one-fight deal, but the two sides are working out a deal for JWoww to return. One thing is for sure: JWoww will be making quite a bit of money for one night of something we see her do on just about every episode of Jersey Shore.

    JWoww is definitely a badass, but this deal got me thinking...

    What would it be like if other reality TV stars made a career out of their feuds with housemates and fellow cast members?

    Pure gold. That's what.

20. Rachel Reilly, Big Brother 12

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    Claim to Fame: Rachel Reilly was a contestant on this summer's Big Brother 12, and her "showmance" with fellow cast-mate Brendon Villegas proved to be the downfall of her game in the house.

    Fighting Abilities: Rachel might not have gotten physical with any other cast members (except Brendon of course) in the Big Brother house, but she has the ability to subdue her opponents with exceedingly annoying voice.

    Nickname: Rachel 'the Wicked Witch' Reilly

19. Tanisha Thomas, Bad Girls Club

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    Claim To Fame: Tanisha Thomas entered our lives when she joined the cast of Bad Girls Club, and she won our hearts with her extensive knowledge and appreciation for baking utensils.

    Fighting Abilities: Tanisha's strategy involves making sure that her opponents get as little sleep as possible so they will be too exhausted to put up much of a fight.

    Nickname: Tanisha 'Pop Off' Thomas

18. Omarosa, The Apprentice

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    Claim to Fame: Omarosa is best known for the woman that everyone loved to hate on the first season of The Apprentice, and she has done plenty of other reality television work ever since.

    Fighting Abilities: Omarosa won't have to throw a single punch because she will pull the race card before things start to get physical. Watch the video, and you'll see what I mean.

    Nickname: The Big 'O'

17. Sheree Whitfield, Real Housewives Of Atlanta

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    Claim to Fame: Sheree was part of the cast of Bravo's Real Housewives of Atlanta, and she was definitely the cause of much of the show's drama.

    Fighting Abilities: Sheree is another one of our TV stars who won't actually have to fight. She can just spread lies about her opponent so everyone else will want to fight them.

    Nickname: Sheree 'The Instigator' Whitfield

16. Tyra Banks, America's Next Top Model

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    Claim to Fame: Tyra Banks was known all over the world as a top super model, and then she tried her hand at producing and hosting America's Next Top Model on which she taught young women to "smile with their eyes" and that anyone over 100 pounds is too fat to be a model.

    Fighting Abilities: Tyra prides herself in her maternal abilities, so when fighting, she will use her motherly instincts to her advantage. Hey, nobody wants to hit their mom!

    Nickname: America's Next Top Ass-Kicking

15. CT, The Duel

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    Claim to Fame: CT got his reality TV start when he joined the cast of The Real World Paris, and ever since he has been competing on MTV spin-offs like The Duel.

    Fighting Abilities: Um...Just watch the video.

    Nickname: The Maniac

14. Lacey, Rock Of Love

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    Claim to Fame: Lacey is known for being the most annoying person to ever appear on any television show...ever.

    Fighting Abilities: You have to hand it to Lacey. She just doesn't give up.

    Nickname: Racy Lacey

13. Joe Rogan, Fear Factor

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    Claim to Fame: Joe Rogan was the awesome host of the very lame TV show Fear Factor in which people ate gross stuff for money. During one episode, he actually got into it with a contestant. And it was the only episode of Fear Factor ever worth watching.

    Fighting Abilities: Rogan uses his Fear Factor skills to his advantage, and he can take on his opponents anywhere: On top of a tall building, under water...maybe in a tub full of snakes while eating sheep testicles?

    Nickname: Hulk Rogan (I know it's lame, but I couldn't help myself.)

12. Heather Chadwell, Rock Of Love

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    Claim to Fame: Heather is best known for being the girl that Brett Michaels didn't pick on the first season on Rock of Love, but we had to wait until the second season's reunion show to really see some action.

    Fighting Abilities: Heather is an extremely elusive fighter. She's used to nobody knowing who she is.

    Nickname: Hea...Wait. What's your name again?

11. Natalie Nunn, Bad Girls Club

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    Claim to Fame: Natalie might think she "runs LA," but we all know her as that girl with the hairy face from Bad Girls Club.

    Fighting Abilities: Natalie's sideburns are so large that they can literally engulf the other fighter. Seriously girl. It's called waxing. Try it.

    Nickname: Natalie 'The Sasquatch' Nunn

10. Janice Dickinson, The Surreal Life

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    Claim to Fame: Janice claims to be the "world's first supermodel," and she has appeared on shows like America's Next Top Model and the Surreal Life.

    Fighting Abilities: Janice can take a bunch. She has had so much plastic surgery that it acts as a protective coating. And if that doesn't work, she'll just pull a knife.

    Nickname: Janice 'The Bitch' Dickinson

9. Sammi, Jersey Shore

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    Claim to Fame: Sammi is known for being the whiny girl with zero personality on Jersey Shore who lets her boyfriend cheat on her all the time. But she did step to JWoww in an epic battle. Okay, so it was more like just a drunk girl fight. Work with me, people.

    Fighting Abilities: Sammi has a mouth on her, but that's about it. Maybe she can get away with just sitting there and looking cute.

    Nickname: She calls herself "Sammi Sweetheart," but I prefer "Sammi Who?"

8. Natasha, Rock Of Love Bus

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    Claim to Fame: Natasha is best known for being a contestant on Rock of Love Bus...and now she does porn! Things are looking up for this one.

    Fighting Abilities: Natasha confuses her opponents because they can't tell whether she is a wrestler or a drag queen that got lost.

    Nickname: Lola

7. Marcia, Rock Of Love Bus

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    Claim to Fame: We all remember Marcia from Rock of Love Bus, which is a good thing because I have a feeling she doesn't.

    Fighting Abilities: Marcia starts strangling her opponent and won't let go. I'm serious. I wish I had a video.

    Nickname: "Tequila!"

6. Ronnie, Jersey Shore

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    Claim to Fame: Ronnie is that dude on Jersey Shore that literally nobody cares about.

    Fighting Abilities: Ronnie's opponents won't be able to find him because he stands at about 4'3".

    Nickname: "Teeeee Shirt Tiiiime!"

5. Pumpkin, Flava Of Love

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    Claim to Fame: "Pumpkin" made a name for herself as that girl who looked like Miss Piggy who spit on that other girl who looked like Kermit the Frog.

    (Careful. This video contains some very strong language.)

    Fighting Abilities: I think this one is pretty obvious.

    Nickname: Pumpkin? More like Jack-o-lantern.

4. Snooki, Jersey Shore

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    Claim to Fame: Come on. You all know who Snooki is.

    Fighting Abilities: Snooki likes to bribe her opponents to throw the fight with candy products she received from her former employer..

    You know: Willy Wonka?

    Nickname: "Waaah"

3. Teresa Giudice, Real Housewives Of New Jersey

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    Claim to Fame: Teresa is known for being the "broke one" on Real Housewives of New Jersey.

    Fighting Abilities: Teresa can turn anything around her into a weapon: lamps, shoes, tables...

    And watch out for the crazy eyes!

    Nickname: Teresa 'Is Bitch Better?' Guidice

2. Saaphyri Windsor, Flavor Of Love

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    Claim to Fame: Saaphyri is known as that girl who was on Flavor of Love for about five minutes before being kicked off. She then went on to win Charm School.

    Fighting Abilities: Saaphyri can be cool, calm and collected, but don't you dare try and steal her bed! Then it's on!

    Nickname: Saaphyri 'Lip-chap' Windsor

1. Jenni 'JWoww' Farley

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    Claim to Fame: JWoww is known for being the biggest badass to ever be on MTV...well at least Jersey Shore.

    Fighting Abilities: Hopefully we will see that backwards punch thing she did to the Situation on Thursday night.

    Nickname: The Praying Mantis

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