ESPN Reminds New York Yankees How to Bomb in the Postseason

Kate Conroy@@ladylovespinsSenior Analyst IIOctober 6, 2010

ALCS October 24, 2004
ALCS October 24, 2004Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

On Tuesday nights, ESPN’s creative and compelling 30 for 30 documentary series airs.

Each episode is a mini-documentary film about the biggest sports stories over the 30 years ESPN has been around and also directed by 30 different filmmakers, hence the title.

Passionate sports fans are completely immersed in every documentary because even if you are unfamiliar with the topic each one is truly engaging.

That is why I was personally so disappointed that ESPN couldn’t just keep it classy, like each director has done. Instead they scheduled the worst moment/collapse in New York Yankees history the night before the start to the postseason.

The title, “Four Days In October” is pretty self-explanatory for any baseball fan. Just in case someone doesn’t know what I am talking about, the documentary was about the four days during the 2004 ALCS when the Yankees were three games up on the Boston Red Sox and lost the next four. The Red Sox went on to win their second World Series in franchise history; the first coming in 1918.

It also broke an 86-year curse for Boston. It was a complete mess for any Yankees fan. That heartbreak still looms in NYC from time to time.

At the time, the feeling resembled getting dumped really, really badly, then watching your significant other give you the finger and throw a party.

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No doubt, in Boston it will go down in Red Sox history at the top of the list and it shouldn’t be anywhere else. The 2004 ALCS deserves to be a 30 for 30 feature, and one I would have liked to watch; just not the night before the Yankees first postseason game, coming in as the Wild Card, against another team (Minnesota Twins) that can’t seem to get past the Yankees in October.

The Yankees deserve more respect than that as the defending champions, who are trying to keep their crown. 

Guess I should know better than to think ESPN wouldn’t do everything in their power to hex the Yankees. Just putting the blame on 30 for 30 instead of the Baseball Tonight crew, who couldn’t pick the Twins to win across the board and not look like a bunch of haters.