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The Student vs. The Teacher
The Student vs. The Teacher

Many of us remember the NBA back when hand-checking was part of the game; back when Magic and Larry really hated each other and when Laimbeer would choke you on national television and it was just a personal foul. Fast forward 20 years and the players of today can't as much breathe on each other without being tagged for a foul. Rivalries such as Lakers vs. Celtics and Knicks vs. Bulls are replaced with LeBron against the Cleveland Cavs or "The People" vs. Delonte West. Depending on who you ask and the era they were born, you shall find those who favor the old "rock-em-sock-em" league to the now "touch me and I'll sue you" NBA...and vice versa.

The post millenium NBA is a different league with different rules and different players, so the outcomes must be different also. The new league boasts bigger and more talented young studs whose athleticism and creativity overshadows any fundamental flaws within their game. Just when we said we would never see another Dr. J, along comes Michael Jordan (oh and by the way MICHAEL IS THE BEST AND WE WILL NICKNAME HIM "THE STANDARD"). And after Michael turned the league out we've seen the closest thing to him..KOBE! There have been other spectacular players throughout the years but none with the hype and upswing of LeBron James. The only problem is James hasn't won anything yet as a leader who had a team built around him like the previous greats. His decision to leave, as the reigning 2 time MVP, and join Bosh and Wade in Miami further indicates a change in the overall playing field.

So whether you prefer Larry vs. Magic or LeBron vs. Kobe, the new look National Basketball Association has succeeded at keeping our attention and allowing us to enjoy the best athletes on the planet for years. We are able to look back at highlights from the past and identify with the impromptu moves of today. The one consistent element in this entire metamorphosis is you and I, the fans! We love basketball, we are loyal to our teams and we don't care how hard you got fouled.....suck it up and make the free throw.

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