Ty Cobb's 1925 Hudson Has Survived Eight Decades, $25,000 For It Today

Wesley FricksAnalyst IAugust 13, 2008

     Ryan Duckett of West Palm Beach, Florida Now Owns Ty Cobb's Former Wheels.

                         "A car of this nature, fully restored, could net as much as $75,000"


                                August 12, 2008 - West Palm Beach, FL

Ryan Duckett knew what he was getting when he was approached about a 1925 Hudson "Super 6" that was once a source of transportation for the great "Georgia Peach," Ty Cobb.

I had heard about this car over five years ago, when the seller wanted to know more history of the automobile. This just isn't something that is documented regularly, so after a brief stint researching several photographic sources, I responded to the seller that there was a lack of information to authenticate the history of the vehicle.

The seller then failed to show me one little detail, a plate permanently attached inside the car that read, "This Car Made Especially For TY COBB."

I am surprised that Duckett is letting the car go for such a small price for the antique gem. When the car is fully restored, it will be worth a great deal more than what he is asking for the car now.

"A car of this nature, fully restored, could net as much as $75,000," said Duckett.

I am fully convinced that this was indeed a car once in the possession of Ty Cobb. It would be interesting to hear from someone that may have more information about this car or the Hudson Motor Car Company itself. 

The Hudson Motor Car Company was located in Detroit, MI from 1909 until 1954, when the company merged with Nash to form the American Motors Company. The 1925 model more than doubled its sales over the previous year's sales with this car. 

It is not known for certain how Cobb acquired the car, whether he bought it or it was a gift, but Hudson Motor Car Company has surely left their mark, claiming their famous client's ownership for this model.

For more information on the car or to share your expertise, Ryan Duckett can be reached at (561) 577-4244 or you can email him at rduckett@kingislandfishing.com