Michael Vick: How Philadelphia Eagles Coach Andy Reid Is Shaping NFL's Future

John DurstCorrespondent ISeptember 23, 2010

Michael Vick: How Philadelphia Eagles Coach Andy Reid Is Shaping NFL's Future

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    PHILADELPHIA - AUGUST 13:  Head Coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, Andy Reid stands on the sideline against the Jacksonville Jaguars during their preseason game at Lincoln Financial Field on August 13, 2010 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Nick La
    Nick Laham/Getty Images

    What a difference a day makes. On Monday, September 21st, Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid told the press that QB Kevin Kolb was the going to be the teams starting quarterback in this Sunday's matchup against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

    After a long night of what I can only imagine was some serious soul searching, Reid decided to go in a different direction and keep QB Michael Vick in the teams starting lineup.

    This led me to doing a lot of thinking.

    Does Michael Vick give the Eagles the best chance to win?

    What will the long term affects of this move be for the team?

    What about Kevin Kolb? Can Andy Reid really be ready to scrap the guy that he traded away his franchise QB to start after less than 20 snaps?

    This article will address these and other questions that you may have been asking yourself and probably some that you haven't thought of yet.

Does Vick Give the Eagles the Best Chance to Win This Now?

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    DETROIT - SEPTEMBER 19:  Michael Vick #7 of the Philadelphia Eagles calls the play in the huddle during warms up prior to the start of the game against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field on September 19, 2010 in Detroit, Michigan.  (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty
    Leon Halip/Getty Images

    Yes he does.

    Teams were expecting to play against Kevin Kolb this season. Now their opponents will have to scramble to gameplan for a QB with a very different and unique skill set.

    Game-planning for Vick has always been difficult because no other teams have a guy like him to practice against during the week. Vick has wide receiver speed mixed with a rocket arm. When he's accurate, he truly is unstoppable. The first five or six teams that have to play him will have no idea what to expect from him since he hasn't truly played significant minutes since 2006.

Can Reid Get Away With Trading McNabb to Keep a Second String QB?

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    LANDOVER - SEPTEMBER 19:  Donovan McNabb #5 of the Washington Redskins leads the huddle during the game against the Houston Texans at FedExField on September 19, 2010 in Landover, Maryland. The Texans defeated the Redskins in overtime 30-27. (Photo by Lar
    Larry French/Getty Images

    It was bold enough just trading Donovan McNabb to a division rival. Now, his replacement is healthy, but on the bench. If the team wins, that will be okay for now. If they don't and Washington does, Reid will be forced to play Kolb and risk ruining his reputation.

    He'll be viewed as a flip-flopper. Eventually he's going to have to either play Kolb or let him go and probably lose both QBs in the long run.

What Do The Eagles Do After The Season? They Can't Keep Both Vick and Kolb...

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    PHILADELPHIA - SEPTEMBER 27: Michael Vick #7 of the Philadelphia Eagles substitutes with team mate Kevin Kolb #4 against the Kansas City Chiefs on September 27, 2009 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty
    Chris McGrath/Getty Images

    This is a loaded question, as different results this season will produce different outcomes for all parties.

    If Vick plays well all year, the Eagles are in big trouble. If Kolb has to sit for another year, he probably won't want to be an Eagle anymore. If Vick has a good year, he'll look to free agency for a big money deal. This will lead to all kinds of problem though, if Kolb feels betrayed and wants out of Philly as well.

    They'll have to let one of them go, but only time will tell how all of that plays out.

Can The Eagles Stay On Good Terms With Kevin Kolb Through All Of This?

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    PHILADELPHIA - SEPTEMBER 02:  Kevin Kolb #4 of the Philadelphia Eagles stands on the sidelines during a preseason game against the New York Jets at Lincoln Financial Field on September 2, 2010 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Gett
    Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

    The Packers were in a similar situation a few years ago. They opted to keep their word to then unproven QB Aaron Rodgers and let Brett Favre leave. The Eagles did the same thing with Kolb and McNabb, but now there's a guy starting over a healthy Kolb who wasn't even in the starting picture a week ago.

    That sort of thing can sour a man, let alone an employee. No one likes to be passed up for a promotion that they thought they deserved, especially when the boss has already promised it to them.

    If this thing blows up in the eagle's face, they could lose more than Michael Vick in the next offseason.

If This Experiment Fails, Can Andy Reid Ever Coach In Philly Again?

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    DETROIT - SEPTEMBER 19:  Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid during the game against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field on September 19, 2010 in Detroit, Michigan. The Eagles defeated the Lions 35-32.  (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)
    Leon Halip/Getty Images

    Eagles fans have been fed up with Andy Reid for years now.

    If it were up to them, he probably would have already been gone. If this year turns out to be one big mistake after another, they'll probably get what they've been wanting.

    Reid already traded McNabb to a division rival. If the Redskins make the playoffs and the Eagles don't, not even Reid's close, personal relationship with Eagles owner Jeffery Lurie will be enough to keep him there. This is potentially the biggest blunder of Reid's career and may ultimately cost him his job.

If All Goes Well This Year, and Vick Wins Games, Will All Be Forgiven?

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    PHILADELPHIA - SEPTEMBER 12:  Michael Vick #7 of the Philadelphia Eagles walks off the field and greets Aaron Rodgers #12 of the Green Bay Packers after a loss at Lincoln Financial Field on September 12, 2010 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Packers bea
    Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

    If the Eagles wind up playing the Packers again this year, all will be forgiven but not forgotten.

    Andy Reid is redefining himself as a coach right now, whether he knows it or not. Fans will just be happy to made the playoffs this year, but this one decision will linger no matter what happens in 2010. Even if this doesn't turn into a Tim Couch/Kelly Holcomb type of situation, it has altered the course of the Eagles future.

    There will still be the business aspect of the NFL to deal with after the games are played, and that could get ugly.

What Affect Will This Decision Have On The Rest Of The League In 2011?

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    OAKLAND, CA - SEPTEMBER 19:  Jason Campbell #8 of the Oakland Raiders lies on the ground after being sacked against the St. Louis Rams during an NFL game at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum on September 19, 2010 in Oakland, California.  (Photo by Jed Jacob
    Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

    Either way, there will be at least one team in the NFL that gets a "shiny" new QB next year. I'm sure that the Oakland Raiders will once again be shopping for one next season, if not before. If Vick looks even half way decent this year, then they'll probably be front runners in the Michael Vick sweepstakes.

    Vick would be a great fit in Oakland, if there is such a thing. He meets all the criteria: Checkered past, big arm, a certain swagger, and inconsistency. Vick could actually make an immediate impact in the AFC West.

    Three out of the four teams in it are in rebuilding phases, and the Chargers appear to be on the decline. There are other teams to consider, such as the Panthers, the Browns, and the Cardinals, but Oakland seems to be the best fit.

    No matter where he goes, there will be at least one more team in the NFL that becomes a wild card of sorts. Vick is dangerous all by himself, so whatever team he lands on will become a dangerous team to play for any opponent that they face. If they would have just kept Vick on the bench and played well, they may have been able to keep both QBs and reeked havoc on opposing defenses with all kinds of creative packages to keep teams guessing on every drive.

Reid Has Given Us Plenty to Think About

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    PHILADELPHIA - SEPTEMBER 12:  Michael Vick #7 of the Philadelphia Eagles talks with head coach Andy Reid during a game against the Green Bay Packers at Lincoln Financial Field on September 12, 2010 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Ge
    Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

    I wrote this piece as merely a thought-provoker.

    It's all speculation, but not far-fetched at all. These are all very real possibilities that materialized seemingly overnight. The situation is far from over, and it will definitely turn into a circus act before it's all said and done. The only question is whether it will be a side show or the main attraction.

    Either way, Eagles fans, get yourselves some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the show.

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