Jason "Whiteboy" Williams and the 12 Dumbest Athlete Tattoos

Andre RojterCorrespondent ISeptember 21, 2010

Jason "Whiteboy" Williams and the 12 Dumbest Athlete Tattoos

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    Lets face it, athletes do a lot of dumb things. Athletes are young and for the most part extremely well paid, a deadly combination when it comes to potentially stupid decisions.

    We see this play out sometimes when the player is under scrutiny regarding a certain event which they believe is just fine since they do come with a celebrity status (i.e. Gilbert Arenas and Michael Vick). Some guys demonstrate this by having a plethora of women nationwide (i.e. Tiger Woods), but the worst ones are usually brought to the forefront in the form of permanent ink on their bodies.

    Every time I watch a game I see more and more tattoos on more and more players, especially if the Denver Nuggets are on, and with such a high number of tattoos we are bound to stumble across a few that make us either say Really? or even just point and laugh.

12. Michael Beasley

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    Michael Beasley was a man among boys at Kansas State, enough so to make him the number two overall pick of the 2008 Miami Heat.

    In his two seasons for Miami he failed to reach expectations and was constantly criticized in the media for his inability to solidify his spot in the starting lineup.

    It also doesn't help when you first tattoo the idiotic SupercoolBeas then when asked why he chose to tattoo that on his back Beasley answered "because I'm super cool".

    It really didn't help leaving your recently used bag of weed in the corner of the picture.

11. Marquise Daniels

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    One of the favorite things athletes like to tattoo are cliches, Marquise Daniels not being an exception.

    He chose to tattoo "only the strong survive" which is all well and fine except he included the phrase with a visual aid that doesn't really go together.

    Why he would include a picture of a guy shooting himself in the head with a shotgun using his toe to pull trigger I have no idea.

10. Hines Ward

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    Football players are supposed to be these big tough guys and most actually are including Hines Ward himself.

    The problem for Hines is that a Mickey Mouse tattoo really takes a whole bunch of points away from your big man scoreboard.

9. J.R. Smith

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    So from the numerous neck tattoos J.R. Smith sports, I have to ask how big of a Transformers fan is he that it would eventually lead him later in life to forever mark the shows two logos, one on each side of course.

8. Shaq

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    We all know that Shaq has a desire to be involved as a member of law enforcement. Every town he plays in he becomes an honorary member of the law enforcement community and while playing for the Heat he even called in for back up to arrest a driver who had just sideswiped his car.

    But how are we supposed to take him seriously when he has a huge tattoo on his right arm that simply reads "Against The Law".

7. Stephon Marbury

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    Is it even weird that Stephon Marbury's weirdest moment as a moment of the Knicks wasn't when he tattooed his own shoe logo on the side of his head?

6. Jason Williams

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    In case he ever forgets, J Will can always look in the mirror and remember he is a whiteboy, or as he spells it whit eboy.

5. Shawn Marion

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    I honestly don't know why the heck people put letters from languages they don't speak on their bodies permanently but it sure is funny when it turns out they were way off.

    Shawn Marion is a perfect example of this, back in 2003 Marion decided to get his nickname, "The Matrix", on his leg.

    Sucks for him that he instead got the following tattoo, which will be there forever, "Demon Bird Mothballs".

4. Deshawn Stevenson

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    I don't even need to come up with a witty comment here, all you need to know is that Deshawn Stevenson has a tattoo of Abraham Lincoln on his throat.

3. Kenyon Martin

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    Rule number one of romantic tattoo's is don't get a persons name tattooed on yourself unless your damn sure that you will be with that person for a long time.

    Kenyon wanted to vary from this rule by skipping the name all together and go straight for the big red lips tattoo on the side of his neck. Supposedly it is the actual lips from his then girlfriend Trina.

    Sucks for him, but they are obviously NOT still together and he has these ridiculous lips on the side of his neck forever and ever.

2. Mike Tyson

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    I guess when you just "fall into Bolivia", the next place you go is weird tribal tattoo on your face right Iron Mike?

    Leave him alone, he just wants to hang out with his kids and get high.

1B. Melvin Costa

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    How does someone beat a face tattoo from Mike Tyson?

    Easy, just ask Melvin Costa.

    An MMA fighter, Melvin has several ridiculous tattoos, two of which we see here.

    If his huge tattoo on his head or the big iron eagle used by Nazi Germany as a national symbol isn't the dumbest thing he managed to permanently put on his body what could it be?

1A. Melvin Costa

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    I bet you didn't guess he tattooed "I have a small penis" around his naval.

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