Oakland Raiders: Who's Better vs. Arizona, Bruce Gradkowski or Jason Campbell?

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IISeptember 21, 2010

Jason Campbell and Bruce Gradkowski ? Who is the better?
Jason Campbell and Bruce Gradkowski ? Who is the better?Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

 There has been no word regarding the Oakland Raiders starting QB for the Raiders next week. The Oakland Raiders face a stronger opponent in Arizona when they take on the Arizona Cardinals. 

  The Oakland Raider defense has done an outstanding job defensively. In fact the Oakland Raider defense has played well against two worthy RB these past two weeks. Both Chris Johnson and Steven Jackson hard a tough time running through the Silver and Black line.

  Offensively there is the new QB issue.

   Jason Campbell started QB against the Titans and the game resulted in a loss.In fact, the Oakland Raiders looked tired and fell behind the Titans. Defensively the team was stellar as for the QB and the will to win..well Campbell was rather boring.

  Jason Campbell began the second game in Oakland and could not score with the first three Red Zone opportunities. Many feel that Jason Campbell has not developed the rhythm for his WRs . I have heard it said that he is in fact the better of the two QBs because of his accurate and passing abilities. Yet , he has played without heart and because of it was replaced with Bruce Gradkowski.

  Bruce Gradkowski, or should I say Bruce "Almighty" Gradkowski. Bruce has played well for the Raiders. In fact, since defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals last season he has won the hearts of many Raider fans.

   I believe the fans prefer Bruce Gradkowski because of his attitude for the game. Bruce Gradkowski is a machine. He brings heart and desire to the team. A camaraderie seems to develop and because of the excitement he is just the type of QB the Raiders have needed since Gannon.

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  Bruce Gradkowski already has a past with the Oakland Raiders and has won some great come from behinds such as the Pittsburgh or Bengals games last season.

  Knowing this, the fans had reason to chant for Bruce.

  The final decision rest with Al Davis and Tom Cable. Hopefully, Bruce will get the job since he helped win this game at home. The win over St.Louis broke an at home losing streak and should appeal to Al Davis. Bruce has the hearts of the Raider fans already and he has proven himself a leader on the field.

    Lastly, is the sound of rumble. Almost like hearing "Doom" in the Conan classic.However the new Silver and Black chant is for BBRRUUUCCEE!  The Oakland Raider Coliseum vibrates  It lets Bruce know the fans are there for him and knowing this he will play even harder for  them.

  So in a choice for the two I am obviously a Bruce Gradkowski supporter. The Arizona Cardinals will do a lot of running. I have no reason to doubt the Raider Defense can withstand the run.

   The Oakland Raiders however need to make points and since Gradkowski has history with  receivers Higgins, Murphy, Miller, etc, then he should start.

      Go Oakland. Nice job Mcfadden and the Raider D.

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