Carmelo Anthony Rumors Heating Up Just in Time for Training Camp

James Schmidt@@james_schmidt1Correspondent ISeptember 21, 2010

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Well, here we go again: more Carmelo Anthony trade rumors.

This time though, it's for real. 

Spending a couple of weeks of trying to convince Anthony to stay and failing, the Nuggets new GM, Masai Ujiri, has decided to start listening to potential suitors for Anthony.

Who you might ask are these so called "suitors"? These suitors consist of the Nets, Rockets, Knicks, Bulls, Warriors, Clippers, and even the Timberwolves.

The Nuggets want one young talent, expiring contracts, and a future first round pick.

Let's go over each of these suitors, first with the reported front running New Jersey Nets: The Nets are pursuing Anthony the hardest out of any team in the league.

OK, that's nice and all, but what do they have to offer?

Derrick Favors, the third overall pick in the 2010 NBA draft. There's your young talent, so what about expiring contracts? Well, glad you asked: Troy Murphy and Kris Humphries have that under control, both of their contracts end at the end of this year.

Obviously, the Nets have a future first round pick to give so you can see why they are considered the front runners.

The Houston Rockets are No. 2 in contention for 'Melo in my mind. Houston can offer up the young talent in Kevin Martin; Kevin is a guy who is already proven as a very good scorer and only in his mid 20s.

They can also throw in another young guy in Jordan Hill, who was a lottery pick in the 2009 draft. Then for the expiring contracts, Houston can throw in Jared Jeffries for cap relief and the Trevor Ariza trade exception to help with cap if they need to.

Then they have two first round New York Knickerbocker picks. Those will really help the Rockets chances of getting him if they offer up both.

Alright, No. 3 in my mind are the L.A. Clippers. Talent wise, they would have to put up Eric Gordon and either Chris Kaman or Baron Davis. I don't know if the Clippers have any expiring contracts so comment down below if they do and tell us who.

Then throw in a couple draft picks and you have a pretty solid package for 'Melo, though I don't think it rivals the Rockets or Nets.

Now the packages just go downhill, so I'll make this quick.

The Golden State Warriors could offer up Monta Ellis but probably won't.

Even if the Warriors trade for him, it would only be a rent as he has not stated them as a team he would re-sign with. The Chicago Bulls don't want to offer up Joakim Noah so this basically rules them out. New York Knicks have Danilo Gallinari and Eddy Curry but no draft picks, so that rules them out. The Minnesota Timberwolves have some young talent, but I don't think it's enough talent to get him.

It's almost certain 'Melo will get traded, but where? Comment down below who you think will get 'Melo and why.

Thanks for reading my article, hope you enjoyed it.

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