Royce Reed: Dwight Howard Baby Mama Says Superman’s a Not-So-Super Dad

Elliott Pohnl@@ElliottPohnl_BRFeatured ColumnistSeptember 9, 2010

Royce Reed: Dwight Howard Baby Mama Says Superman’s a Not-So-Super Dad

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    Former NBA team dancer and Basketball Wives star Royce Reed has taken issue with Dwight Howard's daddy skills.

    According to TMZ, Reed filed a motion Wednesday in an Orange County, Florida court asking the court to appoint a guardian to make sure Howard adheres to the scheduled visits in their tenuous custody arrangement.

    Additionally, Reed is requesting Howard be monitored when in the care of their son.  Apparently, she is not thrilled with Superman's inability to monitor the two-year old child, who she maintains has no desire to be cared for by his father.

    Here's a closer look at the ex-couple's rocky relationship with nice pictures throw into the mix.

No. 10: A Little Background on Royce Reed

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    Royce was born and raised in Orlando and was a gymnast and competitive cheerleader growing up.  She attended Florida A&M University in Miami and graduated with a degree in Theater Education and Humanities.

No. 9: How Did She Meet Dwight?

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    Royce worked as a team dancer for the Miami Heat and Orlando Magic, where she met Dwight Howard.  The two started a relationship and had a son, Braylon, on November 18, 2007.  The exact nature of their relationship has largely remained a mystery.

    Things quickly went downhill from there.

No. 8: The Battle Begins

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    Once Royce and Dwight split up, the custody battle for their son soon began in earnest.  Royce remained the primary caretaker and received handsome child support payments from Dwight.

    It wasn't quite that simple.  Royce would soon initiate a war of words that would prompt the first of two lawsuits.

No. 7: Dwight Sues His Baby's Momma For Millions

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    In late 2009, Dwight Howard fired back at Royce after she went public and accused him of being "raunchy" and repeatedly missing scheduled visits with son Braylon.

    She also hinted he had another child in his hometown of Atlanta.

    The smear campaign caused Howard to file two lawsuits.  The first was seeking $9.2 million in damages in response to the impact the comments might have on his image with potential sponsors, including McDonald's and Adidas.

    The second lawsuit petitioned for increased custody of his son, an issue that obviously still hasn't been ironed out.

No. 6: Dwight Goes After Royce Again

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    Ever wonder why Royce Reed's relationship to a specific "Star NBA Player" wasn't really the center of VH1's Basketball Wives?

    A civil-contempt motion filed in June 2010 contains the simple answer.   

    Royce had been given an injunction ordering her to stop discussing her relationship with Dwight, and also forbidding her from making disparaging remarks about him.

    Her passionate love of Twitter made that a difficult task.  The $500,000 fine Dwight's lawyers request could have been reduced or lifted entirely if she complied.

No. 5: What Does She Do Now?

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    After she stopped dancing for the Magic, Royce took herself out of the spotlight for a moment and founded an urban dance studio company, Fantashique, which performs throughout Florida.

    Not surprisingly, she soon returned to the public eye in the form of the VH1 reality show Basketball Wives.

No. 4: Royce Reed, The Reality Sensation

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    Royce signed on to be a co-star of VH1's groundbreaking (sort of) reality show Basketball Wives, which finished its first season earlier this summer.

    The collection of women was sure to lead to some drama, and it didn't take long to realize Royce wasn't exactly loved in the circle of jilted NBA wives, girlfriends, and ex-wives.

No. 3: Get Low

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    Why wasn't Royce loved by her fellow stars?  She was perceived as a groupie who hung around and tried to hook up with NBA players.

    Her infamous actions at a Super Bowl party in Miami hosted by Ludacris and Terrell Owens didn't exactly help her cause.

    We'll get back to this.

No. 2: Drama at the Daycare

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    Wednesday's legal actions by Royce appear to stem from a bizarre confrontation in light of Dwight's removal of his son from daycare two weeks ago.

    TMZ first reported the police had been called to track down Dwight, who returned Braylon to the daycare.  Apparently, he believed that a verbal agreement had allowed him to pick up the child.

No. 1: The Performance

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    If Dwight wants to contest Royce's claim that he isn't fit to raise his son without supervision, all he has to do is point to her crazy performance at the Super Bowl party.

    No matter what you think about Royce, you have to admit that she really is one hell of a dancer.

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