Cleveland Browns Teammates Make Jake Delhomme a Captain—Confident Sign

Daniel WolfSenior Writer ISeptember 9, 2010

GREEN BAY - AUGUST 14: Jake Delhomme #17 of the Cleveland Browns calls out a play during the NFL preseason game against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field August 14, 2010 in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  (Photo by Tom Dahlin/Getty Images)
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The Cleveland Browns have joined the rest of the NFL in the annual selection of their team captains before the season opener.

A process that consists of two team members from each of the three units, team captains are usually chosen because of their commitment to the team and their leadership.

Starting quarterbacks usually get one of the two offensive captain spots unless there is some kind of uncertainty in the locker room about the starting quarterback.

Take 2009 for example: Neither Browns quarterback Brady Quinn or Derek Anderson were selected as a team captain and look where they are now.

Not with the Browns.

That should have been a red flag to Browns fans everywhere, but with the undying optimism and dedication that Browns fans have for their team, that little tidbit went unnoticed.

That is until now, when first-year Brown and veteran starting quarterback Jake Delhomme has been given the honor of being a team captain, representing one of the two players on the offensive side of the ball.

Remember that Delhomme has only been with the Browns since March.

Both Quinn and Anderson were with the Browns for several years.

Again, the writing was on the wall in 2009 when neither quarterback was made a team captain.

The Browns are showing signs of life on offense, which is a much-needed surprise for Browns fans who saw their own offense outscored by the New Orleans Saints' defensive unit until the Browns figured out how to score again in week 11.

Delhomme has cemented himself as a leader of the rebuilding Browns and wants to turn this team around and bring it back to prominence in the NFL.

Having a quarterback rating of 110 and not throwing an interception in three preseason games after throwing for 18 in 2009 are both signs of good things to come.

Delhomme will share the offensive captain role with Pro Bowl left tackle Joe Thomas.

On the defense, the team captains are defensive end Robaire Smith and linebacker Scott Fujita.

For special teams, kicker Phil "Dawsome" Dawson and Pro Bowler Josh Cribbs will represent.

With the season opener only a few days away, it is very comforting that the Browns have their quarterback as a team captain once again.

Delhomme may not be the long-term answer as quarterback beyond 2010 and he knows his role as mentor to rookie quarterback Colt McCoy.

Delhomme still wants this chance to help turn the Browns around to prove that Cleveland is an up-and-coming team in the NFL, but he also wants to prove to the Carolina Panthers and the rest of the NFL that he can still play in the NFL at a high level too.

All good signs leading to a hopefully positive season for the Browns in 2010.

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