LeBron James: Appearance at Miami-Ohio State Game Is a Potential P/R Nightmare

Benny VargasAnalyst ISeptember 4, 2010

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Someone in the LeBron James camp needs to be fired. These people are paid to look out for his image and give him sound advice. Yet they seem to be doing everything but that lately.

Along with the backlash tsunami that occurred after the "Decision" now we get the he may be making a cameo in Columbus next weekend.

Seems as though James is now interested in attending the Miami Hurricanes vs. Ohio State Buckeyes showdown on Sept. 11.

LeBron James posted on his Twitter feed Thursday that “he’s considering going to Columbus, Ohio, on Sept 11th" to see the match up between No. 2 Ohio State (his longtime team of choice) and No. 13 Miami.

James then wrote that “O-State will prevail for sure. Will be exciting!”

Don't do it. LeBron, realize that if you're there many people are going to boo you. While many won't, the majority probably will. Why bother subjecting yourself to that?

Even worse, if Miami upsets Ohio State at the "Horseshoe" then you're going to get yet another wave of criticism.

You'll be used as a scapegoat. They're going to say that you were the curse or jinx. Late Night shows will be making jokes about how the Buckeyes lost with you on the sideline and how Ohio State's football team and their sideline spectators have something in common; that being that neither can win a big game.

There would be alumni and other football boosters asking that you never be allowed back in the stadium, let alone the team's locker room or sideline.

The Miami Hurricanes have also offered you an open invitation to watch a game from their sideline. Once more, don't do it.

If you go and stand with Miami, then you will be considered more of a traitor. There will be Hurricane fans wondering why you're there while rooting for the Buckeyes.

If Miami loses, then you'll get a bunch of people in Ohio saying how that's a preview of things to come with the Heat. They'll say that Dan Gilbert's curse has already begun to come into fruition.

Even if you go, stand with Ohio State and they win, you're going to get hassled over it.

Thus just do yourself and your public image a favor. That being to wait til next year's game in Miami. You could attend the showdown in the friendly confines of Sun Life Stadium (is that even the name now?? they change it every year so who knows).

By doing so, the crowd would cheer you on rather than boo you. You would already have brought Miami its second NBA title so the people wouldn't care that you're rooting for the Buckeyes.

Also you'd be able to stand on the sideline and actually enjoy the game. There wouldn't be the disastrous possibility of 100,000 people chanting something negative your way.

Think about it. You're going to be on national television and risk an uproar of "LeBron sucks" coming from the masses?

Don't bother going and just wait a year. If you got nothing to do, you can come by my place. We'll watch the game together or even better invite me and a handful of Hurricane and Buckeye fans to your palace.

There would be great photo op's showing you surrounded by opposing fans who are all having a blast at the watch party you decided to throw.

Pretty sure the B/R community would love an exclusive interview with you. Just have your people contact my people and we can set something up.

Wait, do I have people? Hmmm, just realized I may not have any people for you to contact, so just shoot me a message.


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