Why Has WWE Erased Chris Benoit From Memory?

Alberto CortezCorrespondent IAugust 7, 2008

No one is saying that what he did to his family and his own life in his last hours wasn't a tragedy....

I agree that it was a terrible and shocking act... the truth is speculation will always surround the death of Chris Benoit and his family, because no one will ever know what caused it, what made him snap.

Close friends to Benoit from the industry that made him a star publicly shared their views on his death and the exploitations that the media took to attack the industry—steroid usage and the WWE.

The one issue that was never addressed from any angle was WWE's almost immediate erasure of Benoit's entire career that spanned years in ECW, WCW, and the WWE.

wwe.com has no reference to Benoit, and edited the entire history to make sure that he is nowhere to be found on their pages...

While the ending of his life was tragic, and media hotheads and glorified cue-card readers like Nancy Grace, who know nothing of the wrestling world that Benoit was apart of, call him a monster, the industry that created him, WWE, responds by pulling any and all mentions of Benoit from their website, from their PPV channels, and from all WWE merchandise.

I understand that there may be certain pressures from Benoit's family next of kin, who might take exception to the continual reminding of Benoit's legacy on websites like wwe.com, but WWE officials seemed a little more than eager to pull the plug on a man who gave his life to the business.

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I am not asking to glorify him, but to simply acknowledge the contributions he made, what does it matter how his life ended, should that out-weight how he lived his life and how he inspired millions of fans....

This is simply my opinion, and as such I feel its only right to remember Benoit as a beloved performer and not as a murderer (although that image and stigma will always remain). I am sure his family feels the same way.

I'd at least like to know what the specific reason behind WWE deleting his career from the history book is—I'd much rather know than continue speculating it. WWE has a way of sweeping things under the rug, and I just want to say—you're not fooling anyone, we can see you under there hiding under that rug, you are terrible at hide and seek.

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