Talk the Talk: 20 Best Trash Talking Personalities in all of Sports

Danny Dukker@DannyDukkerCorrespondent IISeptember 1, 2010

Talk the Talk: 20 Best Trash Talking Personalities in all of Sports

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    Talking trash is a universal statement that says: I am better than you and I will beat you.

    Sometimes it might use a slightly less formal language, but the point still remains.

    This article will simply pay tribute to the twenty greatest trash talkers in history.

    On a side note, this list will contain two people who have never played a pro game in their lives, and never coached either. However, those are the only two exceptions.

Honorable Mentions

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    These are the guys that just barely missed:

    John McEnroe: I will make a confession, this guy is my all time favorite tennis player. However, as far as trash talking goes, he only went after the umpires and rarely mentioned other players. However, if he did go after the other players he could easily have been in the top 5 with his mouth.

    Joakim Noah: Finally came through in the playoffs and talked some trash and supported his team, however, this is an isolated incident and I want to see him do it some more.

    Gary Payton: Never really came through for me as a trash talker, he never took it to the other level like these guys.

20. Jack Nicholson

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    Good Old Jack. You just simply have to love him. He is the heart and soul of the Lakers without even playing a game.

    He adds a whole new level of class to the court and is the reason they win games. Okay, maybe I am exaggerating, but you cannot argue with the simple fact that Jack simply explodes on the bench.

    He goes after everybody, and I mean everybody. Also, is it me, or does every time he yells the camera cuts to him?

    Coincidence? No, the power of Jack makes the other team miss shots...

19. Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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    It might surprise a lot of people to see this kid get placed that low. However, there is just once major reason he is not in the top ten. Simply put, he is not very consistent when it comes to facing good-great boxers.

    He hasn't faced that many great boxers and most of the boxers he has fought are average-bad with of some exceptions.

    The point is however, that he needs to step up and beat the best, meaning Manny Pacquiao. He did defeat Shane Moseley which is why he is on the list, but I want to see him beat Manny and then he will climb on the list.

    My logic is simple: Trash talking against boxers who don't even have a wikipedia article is not trash talking. It's foreseeing.

18. Chad Ochocinco

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    This guy would have been higher had it not been for one player who is the carbon copy of this guy, but better.

    He talks trash to every single NFL team and is not shy about taking shots at players. Don't believe me? Go on his twitter page, I don't need any more proof than that.

    Granted, he is funny and his antics on and off the field can be found all over YouTube for those who want it.

    Again, the big problem with him is that he plays for the Bengals meaning that it is very hard for him to come through on the trash talk and sometimes it even looks embarassing.

    However, maybe this year it will be different and he will finally be able to come through on the trash talk.

17. Spike Lee

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    The second fan on the list and you can't say he didn't deserve it. Just look at the picture and tell me if that looks like a simple fan to you.

    This guy much like jack was the soul of his team, but he was also their mouth. As of now, he is a lot quieter and doesn't talk nearly as much as he did back when Reggie Miller played.

    The Miller - Lee rivalry just might be the greatest player-fan rivalry in all of sports. There is simply not that much material competing with it, but even if there was, this rivalry might still stand above them.

    This was very entertaining to watch and provided for a lot of very good memories (unless you are a Knicks fan)

16. Kobe Bryant

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    This guy might not do too much trash talking in public, but when he does, it's priceless. The time when he talked about Bynum comes to mind and even though he is on his team, it is still trash talk.

    He also gets into way too many on the court altercations for it to simply be the other player's fault. He gets guys mad, and he gets results. I am no big Kobe fan, but I can admit that he is a winner.

    He talks a lot of trash and is able to back it up on the court and in the playoffs where it matters most.

    Why is he so low? Well, because there are 15 guys that are better.

15. Babe Ruth

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    What is often forgotten about Ruth is how much trash he talked. He talked more trash that pretty much any other baseball player. Also, like many other players on this list, he was able to back it up.

    He is almost universally considered to be the greatest baseball players of all time and I simply recognize him as the best trash talker in baseball.

    Whether it was telling the opposing pitcher that he would slam a home run or stating that he was the greatest, Ruth always had a big mouth.

14. Ron Arest

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    This speaks for itself, this guy gets in everyone's face. The problem with him, much like with number 18 is that he couldn't back up all of the talk while playing for the Rockets.

    To win he had to go to the team he talked the most against, the Lakers. Actually it is almost funny to look at this picture now and remember Artest before he joined the Lakers.

    Since joining LA he seemed to calm down a bit and while still talking, he does it to a lesser degree. This is why he is so low: When he trash talked he could not back it up. Now that he can, he doesn't trash talk.

13. Dennis Rodman

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    ummmm....yeah, next slide

12. Reggie Miller

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    Now, I want you all to say hello to the most hated man in New York. I doubt there is one player who the Knicks fans hate more than Miller.

    When you're autobiography is titled: "I Love Being the Enemy" you know you can trash talk.

    His many altercations with number 17, Spike Lee will go down as some of the funniest moments in NBA history. This guy was not shy about stating his opinions, and he had the skills to back it up, just not the team.

    He never won an NBA Championship while still holding the record for the most NBA 3 pointers made in history. He was a clutch player who spoke his mind and will be in the Hall of Fame very soon.

11. Kevin Garnett

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    In January, "The Big Ticket" was voted NBA's top trash talker in a Sports Illustrated poll while receiving 62% of the vote. Just to give you an idea, the next player on the list (Kobe Bryant) only had 7%.

    This guy has a big mouth and he knows how to use it, and is also notorious for backing it all up. He will no doubt be a Hall of Famer when he retires and his trash talking will be remembered for years.

    When you can sit on the bench in a suit and still talk trash to the opposign players, you know you will be high on the list.

10. Phil Jackson

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    Alright, this is where the fun starts. Phil Jackson starts as off on the top ten with his subtle trash talking that is backed up by 11 Rings.

    He says things very calmly and lightly and yet when you think about the comment you realize how truly offensive it was. This year he went out and left nothing to doubt when he said that Kevin Durant gets babied by referees.

    While not using the exact words, that was no doubt the whole point of the statement. He constantly makes comments about other teams and whether they are obvious or not, he still gets inside the player's heads with his statements.

    Whether you like him or don't, you have to admit that the Zen Master is the "Master" or trash talking.

9. The Rock

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    Honestly, this whole list could have been made up of entirely WWE wrestlers, but when it comes right down to it, it is their job!

    They all trash talk, or else they do not get paid. It is that simple. However, I did feel like it was necessary to include at least one on here, and I went with the best trash talker in WWE with The Rock.

    You might know him as the actor Dwayne Johnson, but to many of us, he is always gonna be The Rock. The hilarious wrestler who was known for his amazing mic abilities.

    He was daring, quirky, and a winner. A truly great entertainer that only rarely comes around.

8. Rex Ryan

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    This guy loves predicting. He predicts everything. Last year he was even more vocal about it.

    First, he said in the preseason that the team was gonna make the Superbowl if they can stay healthy. Then he said the Jets might not make the playoffs, after they did, he said they are the favorites.

    He does not care who he goes against, he will always have something to say. While it is the opinion of many that he should focus more on coaching than on opening his mouth, I say that he should talk even more, he makes the NFL that much more entertaining.

7. Terrell Owens

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    Again, there is really almost nothing I can say that this picture hasn't already shown. TO is hilarious. Whether it be standing in the middle of the field on the Dallas logo while he was playing for the 49ers or mocking other players TO is always entertaining.

    When he talks, he really talks and thereΒ  is no stopping him. I doubt it will stop this season when he plays with his very good friend Chad Ochocinco who is like I mentioned earlier just a copy of TO.

    One things that I just love about TO is that, almost everywhere he has played, he is hated. When he leaves, he burns all bridges and leaves no room for reconciliation.

    Again if you don't believe me, his twitter page is always available.

6. 1985 Chicago Bears

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    This is the only team on this list and they made it pretty high. Why? well simple, "The Superbowl Shuffle".

    This has to be the most in-your-face move ever done by a single team in sports. Not only that, they made it way in advance of the Superbowl, proving further how confident they were.

    When the Superbowl did come around, they won 46-10 which at the time was the largest differential (36 points) in a Superbowl game.

    In many ways this was just a highlight reel of every player doing their own thing.

    Like they said:

    We're not here to start no trouble.
    We're just here to do the Super Bowl Shuffle.

5. Charles Barkley

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    This guy now entertains us sitting behind a desk in TNT and cracking jokes and speaking his mind. When he was younger however, he loved to do that even more and offended anyone who ever looked at him the wrong way.

    He had episodes with every good player of the time including Michael Jordan who is one of his best friends even to this day.

    This carried also into International competition where he justified elbowing a player from Angola by saying that he thought he was going to pull a spear on him. Classy move...

    Overall his antics look very funny now, and we can see he hasn't really changed much and still acts like the old Sir Charles we all know and love.

4. Shaquille O'Neal

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    When you're nickname is the "Big Aristotle" and you made it up, you can bet that you will rank pretty high on this list.

    Through the years Shaq has said many things, and they range from good to bad to downright ugly. As shown by a certain rap number he made in a club about a certain shooting guard on the Lakers.

    This guy much like TO loves to burn bridges. Very few teams want him back after having him because of the things he said immediately following his exit.

    While now a days Shaq spends more time in Burger King than on the mic, it is still fun to reminisce and remember the Shaq of old.

    Oh and he isn't exactly keeping quiet as shown by his recent comments stating that the 2006 Heat partied every day and that he ahs no clue how they won.

3. Larry Bird

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    Here we are at the top three and we kick it off with Larry Bird. This guy wasn't exactly humble when it came to his ability. During games he was notorious for abusing other players with his words and had no censor.

    Not only did he talk louder than anyone else, he also managed to back it up and is now considered one of the greatest players to ever step foot on the hardwood.

    He was entertaining and while in public he was a little more silent, he wasn't fooling anyone and we all knew that the things he was saying during the game weren't exactly "PG"

    Want examples? OK:

    During the 196 Three Point contest, he walked into the locker room and announced:

    "I want all of you to know I am winning this thing. I'm just looking around to see who's gonna finish up second." He ended up winning.

    When Reggie Miller was trying to disrupt Bird's free throw concentration Larry said this:

    "Rook, I am the best shooter in the league right now. In the league. Understand? And you're up here trying to tell me something?"

    He would make both.

2. Michael Jordan

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    If the picture to the left is not all you need to see, the I don't know what to tell you.

    Michael Jordan is almost universally considered to be the greatest basketball player of all time and when time came for him to make his Hall of Fame induction speech, what did he say?

    Well he took shots at every single person who said one bad thing to him and rubbed in their face that in fact he was a Hall of Famer and a legend.

    Nothing wrongΒ  with that, if anyone has the right to trash talk it would be him and there really is no denying that.

    However, there were other instances where he would dare guys to try to shoot over him and even backed way from them and dared them.

    There was also the famous commercial where he used the phrase "You reach, I teach" on a younger version of himself.

    Overall through the years, players had to hear earfuls of Jordan and there was really no comeback to anything he said, because it was Jordan.

    What can you comeback with? If he tells you he is better than you, is there a comeback?

1. Muhammad Ali

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    Was there any doubt? I didn't think so. When i think trash talk, I think Ali, there is no denying that.

    This guy faced the best, talked trash, and won. The combination needed to be number one on this list. However, it is also the way that he talked.

    His lines live through all time and will always be remembered. let's list a few:

    "I am the astronaut of boxing. Joe Louis and Dempsey were just jet pilots. I'm in a world of my own."

    "I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was."

    "I'm not the greatest; I'm the double greatest. Not only do I knock 'em out, I pick the round."

    "It will be a killa... and a chilla... and a thrilla... when I get the gorilla in Manila."

    Oh and of course the cherry on top on the next page:

Float like a Butterfly Sting Like a Bee

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    "I'm gonna float like a butterfly and sting like a bee

    George can't hit what his hands can't see

    Now you see me

    Now you don't

    He think he will

    But I know he won't

    They tell me George is good

    But I'm twice as nice

    And I'm gonna stick to his butt

    Like White on rice!"

    Folks that was from memory

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