Chinstrapninjas.com's 2010 Mock Redraft in Progress: Round Nine

John ZaktanskyCorrespondent IAugust 25, 2010

C.J. Spiller was one of top rookie backs in this year's NFL draft ... does he finally get selected in the ninth round of our mock fantasy draft?
C.J. Spiller was one of top rookie backs in this year's NFL draft ... does he finally get selected in the ninth round of our mock fantasy draft?Greg Fiume/Getty Images

The Chinstrapninjas.com mock redraft has been going strong...in fact, we're nearly done. It has drawn a lot of interest and comments from all over, and our participants have made a few head-scratching picks along the way.

We have already completed:

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Round Nine picks included:

9.01 Laurence Maroney (sockonfl)

Well I will take the guy that projects to be the starting back in New England as my RB3. He showed some promise with a two-TD effort in the first preseason game. He also had a nice stretch last season where he scored something like seven or eight TDs in nine games. I would be thrilled with that at RB3.

9.02 C.J. Spiller (ep)

The last thing this team needs is another running back, but I can’t leave a talent like Spiller on the board any longer. The bottom line is that he could be Reggie Bush extra lite or he could be a featured back. At pick 98, I’ll take the chance he proves me wrong and becomes the Bills’ lead runner.

9.03 Devin Aromashodu (consigliere)

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The highly talked about Aromashodu goes right meow. I don’t know what’s not to like about him, he is big and fast and him and Jay Cutler like each other. Also, I don’t think Johnny Knox or Devin Hester are No. 1 receiver material…enter the sweet Aroma of the end zone.

I have a few reliable receivers already so I am getting a gamble here.

9.04 Green Bay Defense (krause)

The best team in the league for pick-6s! Need I say more?

9.05 Kellen Winslow (ryder)

I’m happy to have Winslow at this spot. To be a regular 80/800 in T.B. works for me.

9.06 Tim Hightower (speedy)

I have no idea what kind of fantasy season he is going to have, but there is a primary ball carrier still out there on the draft board since the man with the headaches is gone.

9.07 John Carlson (jzak)

I was all ready to take Kellen Winslow here and run away laughing at the bargain I got. Ryder beat me to the punch. Carlson isn’t a bad consolation prize. He was used for blocking last year, and his offensive game took a hit in the process. Now, the Seahawks brought in a blocking TE, leaving Carlson to build off his impressive 2008 season.

9.08 Eli Manning (jay-mo)

I was targeting Donovan McNabb and didn’t realize E. Manning hadn’t been pick yet, so I’m swimming with the current and getting my 4,000-yard, 25-TD guy. What I like best about Manning is he had his best year statistically last season, including seven games of at least 250 yards and nine games with multiple TDs. I’ll certainly take those numbers here in the ninth round. I’m thrilled I have yet to pick a player I did not want or take a gamble on someone…

9.09 San Francisco 49ers Defense (sockonfl)

Many people forget that the Niners' defense scored as many fantasy points last year in standard defense formats as the New York Jets did. They also have the schedule that should aid them in achieving top-ranked defense status again in 2010. Plus, they added Ted Ginn to the return game, another bonus.

9.10 Kenny Britt (consigliere)

I think he is going to blow up this year. He has all the tools to take over and should do well with the ground assault of Chris Johnson.

9.11 Chester Taylor (ep)

The injury to Ben Tate sets back my RB corps, so I’m bolstering it with Taylor. Mike Martz is good for offenses. Chester Taylor has all the tools to be the Marshall Faulk of the unit and he was good enough to steal carries from Adrian Peterson for the last few years. That’s a formula for a mid-round fantasy sleeper in my book.

9.12 Kevin Kolb (jzak)

Planned at this turn to get my final RB and WR depth filled. Was seriously looking at Chester Taylor a round ago, but gambled that he would find his way back to me. Thanks to ep one pick ago, it didn’t happen. There are a number of quality QB2s left on the board, but Kolb has the most upside, in my opinion, and provides great security behind a Matt Schaub who had an injury rap sheet before last season.

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