L.A. Lakers: Doc Says They Won Title Because of Kendrick Perkins' Injury

Ryan VirginCorrespondent IAugust 25, 2010

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Lakers fans, what do you think about this?

Doc Rivers had this to say about June's NBA Finals against the Lakers:

“They still have not beaten our starting five. Our starting five against the Lakers starting five has a ring. Tell him don’t forget that. We will be back strong and Perk will be there next year if there’s a Game 7.”

Excuses? Reality? 

Do you agree?

In terms of How the Celtics played with Perkins on the floor, I would tell you that the Celtics were hampered by his absence.

The Lakers probably wouldn't have had such a big win on the offensive boards (Plus 13 total rebounds). Actually, I would almost guarantee that The Celtics would have made the battle on the glass a lot closer.

Many of those offensive rebounds were in the third and four quarters, allowing the Lakers to cover a double digit deficit. Considering that the Lakers won game seven by only four points, that rebound advantage was huge.

If Perkins plays and brings in his usual 7.6 rebounds, then that Lakers rebounding advantage is cut to 5.

More rebounds pulled down on the defensive end means less offensive rebounds for opponents. So while Perkins only brings down 2 offensive rebounds a game, his defensive rebounding presence would have prevented the Lakers from gathering all those rebounds.

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Still, the Celtics had the lead and let it slip out of their hands. The Lakers battled back and eventually won the game.

I am not one to make excuses.

Things happen in the NBA, just because It happens to the losing team, doesn't mean that the winning team didn't deserve the win.

The Lakers played confident down the stretch while the Celtics just looked like they were out of gas.

I'd like to think that the Celtics have the depth to recover from an injury to a starter. Both Glen Davis and Wallace could have made themselves a presence.

Rasheed and Garnett played well, but Garnett was hardy a force on the glass (bringing in only three rebounds) and Rasheed was dismal from beyond the arc.

Not one player from the Celtics Front court were able to step in and make themselves a game changer.

And that is on the Celtics, not the Lakers.

The Lakers won the game fairly.

There will always be "what if's" in sports, but we have to remember that the Lakers were given an opponent to beat and they took care of business.

We cannot hold an injury on the opposing side against what the Lakers have achieved.

Nonetheless, Doc is right.

The Lakers still haven't beat the Celtics starting five in a seven game series.

They just haven't.

But the Lakers haven't been given the chance.

Boston put out the best lineup they could and the Lakers came out victorious.

The victors write history, not the other way around.

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