Jose Canseco Declares Steroid Users Should Be In Hall Of Fame

Christopher Chavez@@Chris_J_ChavezAnalyst IIAugust 23, 2010

Jose Canseco along with several of the players he once ratted out that he now wants in the Hall of Fame.
Jose Canseco along with several of the players he once ratted out that he now wants in the Hall of Fame.Win McNamee/Getty Images

Early Monday morning, Jose Canseco decided to bring the spotlight back on himself in the Twitter world. Recently, Canseco has revealed that he has gone broke and is attempting a comeback as a coach and player with the Laredo Broncos. But on August 23, he spoke openly about his feelings for those that have taken steroids and their candidacy for the Hall of Fame. 

The following is a record of his tweets that expressed his deep feelings. This could all be the start to a new book. It has the makings of a controversial introduction to a book on his view of those in the Hall of Fame and those that should be in. 

This first tweet is about his latest comeback tour in the Independent League. He has been playing well with a few home runs and a good average. "I have 4 hrs and 13 rbi in 6 games. Ave around 400 all without steroids at the age of 46.I will prove once and for all that steroids"

These are the tweets that started his rant.

  • "Steroids are completely overated.players should be inducted into the hall of fame that used steroids because they would have performed great"
  • "Without the use of steroids"
  • "My daughter believed that I could do it so I did"
  • "Put guys like mark mcgwire,rafael palmeiro,sammy sosa.juan gonzales, in the hall of fame they are baseball,some of the greatest players ever"
  • "Steroids are overrated you don't need them I will prove that"
  • "Players also used cocaine,marijuana,and greenies,those are illegal and still were inducted into the hall of fame,give them a break"
  • "I can hit a softball 500 feet just hit a baseball 565 feet without steroids.all steroids did was destroy my life ,I gained nothing from them."
  • "Mark could come back steroid free and hit 60 hrs,I believe in him if I can do it he can do it even easier"
  • "It is sad how revengeful and hateful our society has become I feel bad for our future"
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Canseco has been putting up some good numbers in the Independent League, but it is only known to him how serious this comeback is. 

Canseco has been gaining quite the amount of attention with Roger Clemens' indictment. Canseco does not have any recollection of The Rocket taking steroids. If Canseco doesn't know about it, then there might not be any evidence since he was the Godfather of the Steroid Era. Then again, Clemens may have kept it on the down low. 

The main guess here is that Canseco has gone crazy and needs to channel all of his feelings out right now. At one point earlier in the year, he pointed out that he was "on the toilet thinking about writing a third book." Could this be it or just a crazy rant by a long gone baseball player? 

This article was originally featured on MTR Media's Yankees Page: Bombers' Banter.

You can also check out some of Jose Canseco's crazy tweets on his own Twitter page.


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