Neymar Takes Yet Another Step Towards Chelsea

Andre RojterCorrespondent IAugust 18, 2010


It seems with each passing day, Brazil's newest star, Neymar, is packing his bag for London.

After the dinner meeting between representatives of Neymar and Chelsea, Neymar's current club, Santos, expressed a possible desire to sue the English side for tampering with their prized player.

In today's step towards the Old Continent, Neymar's representatives had a sit down meeting with their Chelsea counterparts, in an effort to solidify a deal to bring the 18-year-old to London before the end of this summer's transfer window.

Tuesday's (8/17/2010) meeting took place in São Paulo. Santos president Luiz Alvaro de Oliveira, Santos legal consultant Luciano Moita, and representatives of Chelsea attended. Neymar's father and agent were both present, as well. The meeting lasted an entire eight hours.

It is interesting to note that the meeting took place inside São Paulo branch of Banco Santander, especially since the bank's vice president, Jose Berenguer, is one of the representatives on the side of Santos in this discussion.

The meeting was held to present the player's representatives with a plan for the youngster's future, should he stay in Brazil. Part of the project includes a 300 percent raise in salary, giving the star close to $60,000 a month.

They also included a clause that allows for a "revenue sharing" scenario, where the two would split profits from any marketing campaigns in favor of Neymar and run by his representatives. This is a similar project that Santos presented to Robinho before he returned last year from Manchester City.

The most important information to come out of the room is that it appears Chelsea is preparing to officially offer Santos the full 35 million Euros in order to allow him to pack his bags.

The board at Santos is extremely nervous about the situation, especially considering that if Neymar leaves, they will already have lost 75 percent of their attack, which became so successful in the first semester of this season.

Hold on to your seats, Blues fans. A decision on his transfer to England will be decided on Friday of this week.


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