EPL VS. La Liga : The Battle For Supremacy As The World's # 1 League

Justin DowlingContributor IAugust 2, 2010

      With Spain winning the World Cup this past summer in South Africa, and there Domestic league touting the two best players in world, and now having the hottest manager in the world of football in Jose Mourinho joining Real Madrid; will Spain's La Liga over take England's Premier League as the best league in the world?

   It's a debate that can go on for days, is it the Premier League or Spain's La Liga that is the best in the world? For some it's Spain's closed control and technical skill but for most it's Premier League's physical nature and the raw passion that you feel every time you tune in for a game and each stadium is packed to the rafters with supporter's who live and die with every touch of the ball. 

   While La Liga is seemed to have more technical skill most of that can be chalked up to the referee's setting a standard to let the player's have their space to use their creativity on and off the ball to make things happen to awe the crowd. But in the same respect the Premier league brings the same amount of technical skill and more to the table overall as a league being the total package of size, skill, speed, and technical ability.

   As you take a look at both leagues from top-to-bottom as far as depth of team's and also depth of player's overall it is not much of a question being that the Premier edges out La Liga in regards to both. This is because it is merely a battle at the top between Real Madrid and Barcelona in La Liga with the only other team's fighting for supremacy being Valencia (who just sold their two best player's), Athletico Madrid (who have the talent overall but just can't get it done), & Sevilla (who have the attacking talent but also just never seem to get it done). While in the Premier League there is "The Big Four" in Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, & Arsenal, and also proverbial big spender's Manchester City and London outfit Tottenham knocking on the door. Also in the Premier league team's like Everton, Aston Villa, and Fulham are right on the cusp of breaking through, but lack the transfer funds of the bigger clubs which inhibits them from taking bigger steps in the right direction. 

   Also the best players in the world are being brought to the Premier League to star for the biggest clubs while in La Liga it's mainly just Real Madrid and Barcelona snapping up player's and both teams are starting to have to deal with log jam's at the top in terms of starting position's and playing time.

   The Premier League has become the world's most watched professional football league. It is also the world's most lucrative league, with combined club revenues in 2007-2008 being $3.15 billion. It is also ranked first in UEFA's coefficient of league's based on European competition over the last five year's beating out Spain's La Liga and Italy's Seria A.

  We will see in the coming seasons if the two best players in the world Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi for Real Marid and Barcelona respectively can do anything to change that. Also with Jose Mourinho joining Real Madrid this off-season he should only help add to the spotlight of what La Liga has to offer. 


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