Raheem Morris: How Many Wins Does He Need To Stay Afloat in 2010?

James Pearlman Contributor IAugust 1, 2010

Race to 10.

This is Raheem Morris's slogan for the 2010 Buccaneers. He seems to believe that the Bucs are capable of reaching the 10-win plateau, which should be enough to get into the playoffs.

Realistically, the Buccaneers will not win 10 games. But thumbs up for aiming high, Raheem.

It will have crossed the mind of most Bucs fans that there is a very real possibility of Raheem getting fired if the team underperforms this year.

But just exactly how many wins do the Buccaneers need in order to save Raheem's job?

Let's look at three fairly realistic scenarios for the 2010 Buccaneers:

1) A six-win season: The Bucs would have doubled their win total from 2009. Although when you only win three games this is not a huge achievement. The fan reaction would be mixed; some calling for Raheem to go, and some calling for him to stay.

Much would depend on how the team plays down the stretch, but since the Bucs are in year two of a rebuilding process, and the Glazers would probably not want to sacrifice that (and the extra cash), Raheem would stay for another season.

2) A five-win season (or less) : At best, only a two-win improvement on 2009. This would be considered a fairly poor season by Bucs fans, and the majority would be calling for Raheem's head.

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It would be difficult for the Glazers to justify keeping Raheem, and fans would have completely stopped buying into Raheem's propaganda filled speeches. Most likely Raheem Morris would be shown the door.

3) A seven-win season (or better) : This would be a huge success for the Buccaneers. Raheem would be praised throughout Tampa and the Bucs would have a real chance of playoffs in 2011, CBA agreement pending.

Seven wins or more this year would put the Bucs exactly where they need be in terms of the rebuilding process, which ideally culminates in playoffs in 2011.

From the above points, we can see that even though the Buccaneers will most likely not be fighting for playoffs in 2010, the season rests on a knife edge, with every win being crucial to Raheem Morris's job security and the development of this young team.