Say Hello To Mano Menezes, Brazil's Newest Manager

Andre RojterCorrespondent IJuly 24, 2010

After we were all faked out yesterday, me in particular, it turns out that Brazil does in fact have a new manager and his name is Mano Menezes.

Despite being offered the job yesterday, Muricy Ramalho of Fluminense, was told no by his club when he informed them he was offered the head position for Brazil. Now, I have never heard of such a thing in Brazil where a club won't allow the coach to be bumped up to the Selecão. However, the right man has taken the job.

Mano, as he is known, is an extremely gifted coach who has been on the rise for a few years in Brazil. He took over Gremio in 2005 after the Porto Alegre side had been demoted the previous year and managed to bring the squad back to the top level in Brazil the very next year. He won back to back state titles with Gremio in 2006 & 2007 and reached the finals of the 2007 Copa Libertadores but lost to Boca Juniors.

In 2008, he took over the then recently relegated side of Corinthians and right away proved his worth.

In 2008, the team missed the semifinals of the Paulista state league by a single point, a great result for a team who had been relegated just months earlier.

Also in 2008, Mano led Corinthians to the final of the Copa do Brasil and despite winning the first leg, their opponents managed to steal a second leg win and secure the title. He also took the Sao Paulo giants back where they belong in Brazil's Serie A, winning the league with two months still left to play.

Not to be outdone however, in 2009, Mano led Corinthians to its record 26th Sao Paulo state league title, in an undefeated campaign no less. During the 2009 Copa do Brasil, Corinthians lost the first leg on two occasions but managed to always come out on top and were able to lift the trophy that year after the disappointment of the previous season.

In 2010 however the season has been a bit bumpy, but it’s not Mano's fault. Corinthians once more missed out the semifinals of the Sao Paulo state league by one point.

He led Corinthians to the No. 1 overall seed for the second round of the 2010 Libertadores but the team was eliminated in the second round by the 16th seeded squad. After this game Mano spoke with the President of the club to offer his resignation but they weren't having any of that and thus he stayed on.

Currently Mano has Corinthians in the second place slot after 10 matches in this seasons Serie A, only losing the first place position this past Wednesday when they lost their first game of the 2010 Serie A.

Despite seeming to be the second choice after the Muricy fiasco, Mano is by far the best person for the job. As I stated three weeks ago, he is the best option for Brazil to take them forward in the future. He is an excellent planer and strategist and with Mano at the helm, Brazil will be crowned the 2014 FIFA World Cup Champions.

For anyone who wants to say wait a second, we thought Muricy took the job and then didn't so how do we know Mano won't do the same? He just gave his press conference where he and the club announced he will take the position for Brazil.

Oh and this question WILL come up once his first game is televised world wide, he yells during the entire game. Your gonna hear HEY...HEY...HEY during the ENTIRE game its impossible not to hear it. You thought the vuvuzelas were loud pffft, you haven't heard a thing yet people =).

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