Bruce Lee Would Dominate in MMA

Ronald CCorrespondent IJuly 29, 2008

I've been reading articles on Bleacher Report for quite some time, especially about the NFL, and lately those about MMA as well.

One thing I've noticed is that there seems to be a consensus that Bruce Lee would be beaten badly if he fought in any MMA organization today and that anyone who disagrees is just an idiot.

I understand where everyone is coming from. If you brought him out of the 1970s and into the present, yes, he would be beaten. But that kind of comparison defeats the purpose of arguing whether Bruce Lee could succeed or not.

I'm positive Lee would own MMA if he were fighting in this era. He would not be undefeated, but if he lost once to someone, he would never lose again.

I think this is what people tend to forget about Bruce Lee. He was not the best fighter because of his physical talents—it was his mental toughness that made him the greatest. He knew that he wasn't the best, but he understood that his ability to adapt allowed him to beat anyone at any given time.

Most fighters today after they win are like, "Yo, meet me at this club for the after party...blah blah...let's get crunked." But Bruce Lee would just go back home and analyze the fight to see what he did wrong and then train some more.

His work ethic was unparalleled, and this is the quality that makes people like Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, and Peyton Manning who they are.

Another reason I feel he would dominate in MMA is that he forecasted the evolution of the sport. He was the first to implement a philosophy that did not emphasize tradition or traditional martial arts, but rather focused on the opponent's weapons and adapting to them.

Look at the first few UFCs. It was all about this style vs. that style. Today, no fighter with just one style dares to step in the ring or cage.

Look at Royce Gracie. He destroyed everyone in the first two UFCs, but he still thought that in 2007 he could hang with someone like Matt Hughes. If Bruce Lee had been in UFC one and two, he would've lost the first to Royce, and beat him in the second.  

I hope people will try and understand that Bruce Lee would have dominated MMA if he were from this era. People like GSP and Anderson Silva really make it worthwhile to understand exactly what Bruce Lee envisioned for the future of martial arts.

No styles, no egos—just the ability to have an open mind and humility in order reach your full potential.


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