Minor League Baseball Crazy Promotions Continue to Bring In Fans

Adam GreuelSenior Analyst IJuly 29, 2008

Nowadays, it is almost as if crazy Minor League Baseball promotions are as big of a part of the game as peanuts and popcorn.

There have been many crazy, inventive, and even insane promotions over the years, and I have created a top ten list of the best ones in recent memory.

10. Terrell Owens Unappreciation Night—This promotion was held in 2006, when Owens was still playing for the Philadelphia Eagles. A team located in Atlantic City, New Jersey held this promotion in which fans received whoopee cushions with a picture of Owens on them.

Fans could also buy 81-cent hot dogs (Owens number is 81) and fans who handed in Owens memorabilia got two free seats. The merchandise was burned after the game.

9. College Course Giveaway Night—Any fan One lucky fan who went to a Southwest Michigan Devil Rays game received won a ticket for a free three credit course of their choice at the Kellogg Community College. (Editor's note: Corrected at the request of Kellogg CC. The College only gave away one 3-credit hour course, and the course was raffled off. They did not give away a free course to every fan.)

8. Second Chance Night—The Fresno Grizzlies held this promotion in 2006 in which any fan who brought in a traffic ticket to the box office and promised to never get another one got in free. Probation officers also got into the game at no cost.

7. Jose Canseco Juice Box Night—Jose Canseco finished his tarnished career with the Long Beach Armada and long time rivals Fullerton Flyers decided to have a little fun with it. The Flyers gave 500 boxes of juice away when Canseco came to town, mocking the release of Canseco's book, Juiced.

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6. Kevin Federline Night—This is the second time the Fresno Grizzlies have made the list. With this one they decided to honor local celebrity Kevin Federline.

The first 3,000 fans received K-Fed tatoos and a video montage was made to show the fans the "hi-lites" of K-Feds career. The night ended with a dance contest between the mascot and dance troupe (K-Fed was once a member of this group). K-Fed himself was a no-show.

5. Used Car Night—Most giveaways are small things, such as figurines or magnet calendars, but the San Antonio Missions took it to the next level. A dozen randomly selected fans received used vehicles. Among the cars were a 1991 Jaguar and a 1990 Cadillac.

4. Britney Spears Baby Safety Night—The Newark Bears decided to take advantage when Britney Spears was caught driving with her infant son in her lap instead of a secure baby seat. Any fan who dressed as a baby, brought an actual baby, or just a baby toy, got in for free. Everybody in the stands received a brochure on baby safety.

3. Awful Night—The Altoona Curve can claim the title of the grossest promotion ever with this one. Gross competitions were held throughout the game, including bobbing for onions, a dead fish slingshot catch, and autograph sessions with random people.

The first 1,000 fans to the game received a picture of GM Todd Parnells recently removed gall bladder while one "lucky" fan actually won the gall bladder itself!

2. World Record First Pitch Attempt Day—The Brevard County Manatees had to open their stadium at 6 AM for this promotion, exactly 13 hours before the game was to begin. Fans were invited to stand in line and each throw a ceremonial first pitch in order to break the record of 5,906. Unfortunately, they fell a few hundred short of the record.

1. Anger Management Day—Just days after a rival teams manager had a complete meltdown, the Augusta Green Jackets held this doozy of a promotion. They offered the first 250 fans free stress balls and a DVD copy of the movie Anger Management, starring Adam Sandler.