Roger Federer Has Put Rafael Nadal in His Rightful Place in the GOAT Debate

Michael CasentiCorrespondent IJuly 7, 2010

GOAT. Again. Of course, but we have a new contender, at least some say. El Toro is on the ballet now, after his completing of the European Double without dropping a set. Nadal definitely will have a legacy on clay, but does that make him a GOAT contender? Is he even in, say, the league of Borg or Lendl?

Rafael Nadal won the French Open and Wimbledon without dropping a set.  That makes eight Grand Slams. He just has to win the US Open to win the Golden Slam. He is the No.1. Sure, No. 1 in the World Cups, but not even close to No.1 in the GOAT rankings. Can he surpass Federer, Sampras, Laver, and Borg?

Federer has won double the grand slams that Nadal has, and both are likely to win more. Federer could, in my opinion, amass a total of 21 majors before he retires, but that's the maximum. Nadal, maybe 11-13. Now, that is owning! Pwning, as we nowadays say it.

Nadal, like most players on the ATP Tour is a one-dimensional player. Terrible serve, terrible volleys, terrible grunting sounds, terrible fans (a.k.a. Rafa natics). Sure he has lots of topspin, but that's about it. It's the same thing with Sampras. Only a serve. But of course, Pistol Pete has collected 14 Grand Slam trophies, and it is highly doubtful for Nadal to equal that mark.

Now, some Rafanatics might say that Nadal smothers Federer in their head-to-head. However, logically, it should be Federer with the 14-7 edge, or monster lead. Had Federer not been as good on clay (he's the second best in this generation, and about fourth in the open era), the head-would probably have been 5-4 in Federer's favor. It wouldn't even be called a rivalry. And plus, Federer has bageled Nadal twice, and one was on clay, which is Nadal's favorite surface. (Rafanatics, I suppose, have an vase full of red clay in it, don't they?) Nadal bageled Federer only once, and it was on Federer's least favorite surface.

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So who do you say is the better man? Federer, by double. Roger Federer, the GOAT, has just plopped Rafael Nadal into his musical chair seat, while Federer is controlling the game. Roger Federer will never be challenged by El Toro, ever again, and pray the Rafantatics don't bash me around for this.

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