Is Leandro Barbosa Headed to the Cleveland Cavaliers?

Monty SinghSenior Analyst IJuly 27, 2008

The Magic got Michael Pietrus, the Raptors got Jermaine O'Neal, the 76ers got Elton Brand, the Celtics are the Celtics, and the Cavaliers have only signed Daniel "Boobie" Gibson so far this summer.

The Eastern Conference is getting better. It's even starting to catch up with the west, and two years after LeBron James carried the Cavs to the finals, the team had failed to make any progress this summer.

During last season, the Cavs made a blockbuster deal, landing veterans Delonte West, Wally Szczerbiak, Ben Wallace, and Joe Smith, but the Cavaliers have done nothing since.

The Cavs did go seven games with the Celtics, but those veterans just got older, and the bench got shorter. This summer, they signed Gibson, but Devin Brown is most likely out and Delonte West is looking like he is going to Moscow.

The Cavaliers have to show LeBron they are willing to make moves to make him stay a Cavalier and to convince him not to become a Net or Knick. So far, they had failed to do that.

Before the draft, they were close, to trading Szczerbiak for Vince Carter, but the deal fell short. They also were looking to get Michael Redd, but the Bucks were not willing to part ways with him.

Right now, the Cavaliers are looking at making a blockbuster deal. I had talked with a person in the front office who said they are looking at various trades.

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The biggest one is landing Leandro Barbosa. The Suns are interested in sending away Barbosa or Boris Diaw for some depth. They are looking to win the title next season, as they are all in at this point.

Barbosa would be the star player the Cavs need. He is arguably the fastest player in the NBA, who is also an overall talent. Imagine him and LeBron running down the court.

A trade scenario would be trading Joe Smith or Anderson Verajo and a first-round pick for Barbosa.

The Suns would get a veteran backup for Amare Stoudamire in Smith or just a hustle bench player in Verajo.

This would be the best option for the Cavs and Barbosa, who has an option to start since there's no Steve Nash is in Cleveland.

The most interesting deal I have been hearing about for a while has been that the Pistons are looking at adding veteran big man Zydrunas Ilgauskas.

The trade that would work is sending Rasheed Wallace and Arron Afflalo to the Cavs for Ilgauskas and Damon Jones.

For the Pistons, they would get the center they have been looking for. Ilgauskas is the most underrated center in the game. He gets boards and scores consistently.

They also are looking at trading Tayshaun Prince for Josh Smith, so the Pistons look like they are building a championship team again.

The Cavaliers would reunite friends and former teammates in the Wallace's. They won back-to-back titles, and since then, Ben has not looked the same. Maybe he will get back to his old form with Rasheed there.

So far, the Cavaliers are having a poor offseason. They have failed to get some free agents for the mid-level exception, and they have failed to make a trade to land another stud next to LeBron.

The east is getting better, but as long as LeBron is there, no team is safe. If the Cavaliers get a team together for the whole season, to let the chemistry blend in, they would be looking to get back to the finals.

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