My First Boxing Match Ever

Jordan ColemanAnalyst IJuly 26, 2008

I was gone all day for my first boxing match. They originally told me that my opponent was 5'10 and when I got there and saw him, he was 6'2 or 6'3. He had at least a foot and a half reach advantage on me. This was my first fight, this was his third or fourth fight.

Here I stand at 5'6 and he is 6'3. The bell rang for the first round. We came out and I was absolutely full of adrenaline. I was moving well all over the place. I went inside on him good and got him with some good shots to the body and a couple good ones to the chin. He got me with a few good jabs but nothing big.

I won the first round. Then the second round came. I was doing the same thing early in the second round, moving well, getting good shots to the body and head. But then I tripped over something, I don't know if he stepped on my toes or what, but he did not hit me and I tripped and stumbled back but I did not go down.

The ref stopped the fight and gave me a standing eight count. That was a terrible job of reffing. During the eight seconds, my adrenaline and energy just got sucked out of me and I lost my groove that I had going.

I just wasn't the same for the rest of the fight. He won the majority of the second round, after the ref stopped the fight for nothing and pretty much screwed me over. He won the third round easily.

I ended up losing by a decision. If it wasn't for the standing eight count, that stopped the second round on me when I was in my groove and full of adrenaline, I believe I would have had a chance to win the fight.

A bunch of other boxers and coaches stopped me after I got out of the locker room and asked me how many fights I'd had, this was my first one. They asked me how long I've been training, which is about a month and a half.

They all said that I should not have had to fight him for my first fight. It was a total mismatch, I mean the guy had a foot and a half reach advantage on me and almost a foot taller than me. He didn't hit that hard, but he was quick. They all said that I did good for being my first fight and going up against someone like that guy.

I have a black eye on my left eye but that's it. All in all, I am proud of myself for going the whole fight with the guy that they had me matched up with. I lost the fight by decision.

I love boxing and fighting. I will have plenty of time to train for my next fight because it won't be until after my football season ends, which will be late November or December.

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