Brazil vs. Chile World Cup 2010 Live Blog: Results, Scores and Analysis

Bryan SakakeenyCorrespondent IJune 28, 2010

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA - JUNE 28:  Brazil players celebrate Robinho scoring his side's third goal during the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Round of Sixteen match between Brazil and Chile at Ellis Park Stadium on June 28, 2010 in Johannesburg, South Africa.  (Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)
Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Welcome, football fans.  Bryan Sakakeeny here to bring you continuing live coverage of the round of 16.  Today we get a real treat as finals-favorites Brazil look to continue their quest for a World Cup title against potential trip-up Chile.

Brazil cruised through Group G, while Chile got off to a quick start in Group H before falling flat against Spain.  South American teams have been the talk of the tournament, but only one of them will survive today.

Leave a comment or your thoughts in the message boards below so we can get some entertaining banter going, otherwise it'll just be myself rambling all by my lonesome.

As always, enjoy the match!


Not much to report here, give credit to Chile, they did give it their all.  Simply put if I missed this game and you told me the scoreline I wouldn't have batted an eyelash. 

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Am impressive win for Brazil but what did you expect? They make tough games look easy.

Full Time

92'- Chile's final attack fizzles out.

92'- Bastos brushing Dunga's position assignment off and trying to take it coast to coast, he gets within finishing range but hits it wide, the angle was tough.

90:00- Two minutes of extra time.  Lucio with an uncharacteristic lunge that pushes the ball right to Valdivia, he can't make Cesar pay though. 

89'- Chile's getting choppy in the closing stages.  Their frustration really starting to come through.

85'- Gilberto Melo replaces Robinho.

84'- I'm really impressed with Brazil's willingness to dig in and defend with discipline at this stage in the game with the scoreline as it is.  Beausejor's shot goes wide.

83'- Bastos with an inviting delivery.  Baby face Nilmar gets on the end of it but he was off balance and it sails high.

81'- Old man Kleberson on for Kaka, he won the Cup with Brazil in 2002.

78'- Humberto Suazo with a cheeky shot off a corner, it hits off his ankle then goes into the ground but nearly loops in behind Cesar before clearing the bar.

77'- Baby-face Nilmar is on for Luis Fabiano.

76'- Suazo evades Lucio but his shot is well stopped by Cesar.

74'- Robinho was released on the counterattack, tough angle but he gets the shot off and makes Bravo push it away for a corner. 

72'- Ramires with a bone-head challenge, he gets booked and will not be available for the next match.  Brazil will be hoping Felipe Melo will be fit for the quarters.

70'- Kaka looking for some gravy as he tries to bend it into the far-side corner.

68'- Fuentes is booked for a challenge on Luis Fabiano.

66'- Valdivia! So nearly! A chance for pride is wasted as Valdivia controls a ball at the top of the box and hits it on the bounce, dipping volley makes Cesar work but just creeps over the bar.

65'- Chile are going for broke at this point.  Dunga will not want the Brazilians to get sloppy and concede but let's see if they give us something to ooh and aww about.

62'- Rodrigo Millar is on for Isla. 

59'- GOAL! Book it baby, Ramires with an inspiring run right up the middle of the pitch, he reaches the top of the box and lays it off to Robinho who calmly bends it around Bravo with a one-touch finish.  Magical run and the finish was equally as impressive.

57'- Jogi Loew in the stands doing a little bit of scouting.  He has his assistant with him, and they're in matching outfits yet again, hahaha. 

53'- Brazil are mentally intimidating so you need to have confidence if you want to take them on, Chile have none at the moment.

50'- Nice delivery from the wing from Suazo, but Cesar collects.

46:00- Tello and Valdivia come on for Contreras and Gonzalez, Chile looking to "spice" things up.  Haha, I kill myself.

A couple of quick goals make the scoreline a deceiving one.  10 minutes ago Chile were playing relatively well and looked like they had a great shot of holding Brazil to a 0-0 stalemate heading into the locker rooms.

Brazil responded in style, consequentially Chile's back line was in shambles as Brazil sliced and diced their way into the box at will.  Chile has their spark in the opening minutes to give them hope, but as of now it looks like a routine day at the office for Brazil.


45:00- One minute to be added on. 

42'- Bastos with a nice run along the wing.  Fires a shot but it runs wide across the face of goal.  Bastos always looks like he's jealous at the fullback position, he's a key attacker for Lyon and gets chained up by Dunga on the national team.  At least he starts.

38'- Joga Bonito! Robinho spurns an attack up the wing, he plays Kaka in the middle who one touches it nicely to Fabiano who was clean in.  Fabiano coolly sidesteps Bravo and finishes with class.  Brazil are in the driver's seat now at 2-0.  Nightmarish circumstances for Chile.

35'- There it is! Maicon was back on the ball again and won a corner.  It finds the head of Juan who fires it into the top shelf.  Just when Chile thought they were going to go into the break 0-0 they concede.  The defending deserved it though, awful marking.

34'- Nice run down the wing by Maicon, he goes down but replay shows he took a dive.

32'- Isla dispossesses Bastos in his own corner, nothing comes to fruition however.

30'- Kaka with a lazy challenge, careful now, that's a yellow card.

28'- Corner from Alves, lands right at the feet of Lucio, the center back tries to maneuver away but he's taken down.  No penalty given but Lucio certainly had a case.  He hurt his argument by going down so dramatically though.

26'- Alves fouled, free kick to Brazil.

22'- Chile coming forward confidently even as the game starts to settle down, they are a feisty team.

15'- Ramires tries his luck, thing was dippin' like a wiffleball.  Confidently smothered by Bravo.

13'- Speak of the devil, Suazo fires a long shot trying to catch Cesar off his line, not enough elevation on the shot.  I expect long shorts are more of a lateral hindrance anyway, not vertical.

13'- Anyone else wonder why Julio Cesar's shorts are so long? Isn't that a disadvantage?

9'- Successive corners for Brazil are defended well by Chile.  Gilberto Silva with a long shot.  Easy for Bravo although he made it look good for the cameras.

5'- Fabiano corrals a great swinging ball from Robinho, cuts into the box and fires a shot but Bravo didn't even have to move as it skids wide.

4'- Chile keeping the ball really well in the opening minutes.

2'- Chile on the front foot straightaway, they've earned a corner.

1'- Away we go.

2:27EST- Humberto Suazo's head is massive, the camera had to pan back to make sure it fit in the shot when it passed over him on during the national anthem.

2:24EST- Martin Tyler tells us that Johan Cruyff has named Chile "the most attractive team in the World Cup."  Maybe they'll be able to score some Brazilian chicks even if they lose.

2:14EST- Just announced that Baptista, Felipe Melo, and Elano are all unavailable, will that affect Brazil's game plan knowing that they're thin at midfield?

2:05EST- This game should be the most tactically advanced match we've seen so far, great players with sound technical skills that love to keep the ball on the turf and work it up the field.  Should be a good one.

1:56EST- Elano was supposed to be back after suffering a shin injury against the Ivory Coast, however it doesn't appear he's in the starting lineup.  Likewise, Chile will be without important center back Waldo Ponce after he picked up his second yellow card against Spain.

1:56EST- We're live again for the round of 16.









Ramires-Gilberto Silva


Luis Fabiano

1:51EST- Starting Lineups

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