Germany vs. Serbia World Cup 2010 Live Blog: Results, Scores and Analysis

Bryan SakakeenyCorrespondent IJune 18, 2010

PORT ELIZABETH, SOUTH AFRICA - JUNE 18:  Goalkeeper Vladimir Stojkovic of Serbia celebrates with team mates after he saved a penalty from a dejected Lukas Podolski of Germany (C) during the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Group D match between Germany and Serbia at Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium on June 18, 2010 in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.  (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)
Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Welcome football fans, Bryan Sakakeeny here to guide you through today's clash between Germany and Serbia.

It's an exciting day for Americans and Englishmen as both teams continue their quests in Group C, however we've got a great game queued up to start the Friday matches.

Germany enters today's match with the most hype surrounding them after their 4-0 drubbing of Australia.  The Serbs on the other hand, dropped a heartbreaker to Ghana in their first match, but are still a very capable side and are hungry for a win.

There are lots of questions that need answering in the next 90 minutes and I'll be here all day providing you with insight, play by play and all the banter you need to keep you entertained for the duration of the match.

As always, feel free to jump in and voice your opinions by posting a comment about anything from the form of the players to the fashions of the managers.

Enjoy the match!


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9:25- My vote for man of the match, Krasic.  Referee Mallenco has to be considered as well, safe to say he's cancelled his plans to attend Oktoberfest in the fall.

9:23- This throws a wrench into Group D, all eyes will be on the Ghana match as they take on the Aussies, a win puts them in the driver's seat.

9:21EST- Germany loses its first group stage match in 24 years as Serbia picks up its first win as an independent country.  Joachim Loew throws his water bottle in disgust, I can't wait to hear him thrash Undiano Mallenco, he has good reason to.

Full Time

94'- Desperate cross is collected by national hero Stojkovic, full time is called.

93'- Mallenco lets it run, hang on everyone.

92'- Germany throws everything into the box, Khedira has a shot blocked.  Free kick given to Serbia when it's all said and done.  Stankovic is down, surely this will be the end. 

91'- Podolski releases Marin, but he can't get his touches right and the attack fizzles out.  It's beginning to slip away.

90'- Three minutes to be added on.

89'- Germany's tactics improved vastly in the second half, who knows what could have been if Mallenco was more lenient with the bookings in the first half? 

87'- Counter attacks galore for Serbia as Germany pours their attackers forward.

84'- Robbie Mustoe explaining the importance of when you have lunch as a pro footballer.  Podolski with his seventh shot of the match, the low, driven attempt is wide.

82'- Podolski with a dangerous cross.  Ensuing corner amounts to nothing, Germany's biggest opponent right now is the clock.

81'- Germany playing a bit thin at the back now, Zigic almost exploits it with a laser of a volley that's over the bar.

80'- ESPN informs us that five of the last seven World Cup goals conceded by Serbia have come in the final 15 minutes of the match, does Germany have enough magic?

79'- Jovanovic is subbed for Lazovic, both teams have used all their substitutions.

77'- Mario Gomez replaces Badstuber, Germany looking to attack apparently.

75'- Petrovic replaces Kuzmanovic, both teams have one sub left. 

74'- Krasic again with a cross, Zigic's header on the end of it skims the crossbar.  Krasic has really delivered for the Serbs today.

73'- I might have spoken too soon, Schweinsteiger picks up an undeserved yellow.

71'- Mertesacker with a risky challenge from behind.  Priceless reaction from Per, he thought he was going to be booked, but Mallenco has changed his philosophy, is it too little too late?

69'- Substitutions for both teams: Gojko Kacar takes off Ninkovic.  Oezil and Mueller are replaced by Cacau and Marko Marin, respectively.

67'- Krasic slashes into the box, leaves it for Jovanovic who fires a shot! It's off the post! Flag is up to end the attack.

65'- Oezil and Podolski are really combining well, another ball down the flank but Podli runs out of real estate.

64'- You would have never guessed Germany is playing with 10 men, they've been on the attack all second half.

61'- Podolski foiled by Stojkovic! What a deflating play for the Germans.  Both center backs for Serbia have yellows now.

60'- Cross from Podolski.  Great diving glove save by Vidic, only problem is he's not a goalie, penatly to Germany! Vidic is booked.

59'- Oezil and Podli again! This time Lukas finds the wrong side of the post.

58'- So nearly! Great link-up between Oezil and Podolski.  Podli is through but rushed the shot and pushes it wide.

57'- Subotic with a rash challenge on Oezil.  Mallenco in true form books him, that'll be something to keep an eye on.

55'- Lahm with a foul on Ninkovic, Germany breathes a collective sigh of relief as he is not booked.

54'- Schweiny again with a shot off a cross, beaten away by Stojkovic.  Bastian was looked to to take control of the German team, he's certainly showing his commitment now.

54'- Gorgeous ball up to Schweinsteiger, top class defending by Vidic, it had to be.

52'- Sources reporting that Undiano Mallenco sent off 11 players in 17 La Liga matches this season.

49'- Loew has kept Oezil in the top spot with Podli and Mueller in support, Oezil is more of a creative player who needs space but how can you argue with Loew in that sweater?

48'- Stankovic with a foul, sarcastic cheer is audible above the vuvuzelas for the fact that no card was shown.  Well done, fans.

47'- Podolski on the offensive straight away, trademark half volley from the left, it sails across the face of goal.

46'- Match resumes.

8:30EST- The story of FIFA WC 2010 thus far has been poor keeping, but Undiano Mallenco is looking to steal the show today.

USA takes on Slovenia today for control of Group C.  Check out B/R's preview here

The story of the first half has no doubt been the referee, just awful bookings so far.  Things went from bad to worse from Germany as Jovanovic finished cooly as Germany was still reeling from Klose being sent off.  Good thing Khedira's chance gives them something to cheer about.  Let's see what changes Loew makes to his formation, right now it's Oezil in the forward spot.  For Serbia it's just steady as she goes, they've been closing down the midfield well and working the flanks. 


46'- Corner for Germany, Stojkovic comes out to punch it, but it goes right to Khedira who rips a shot and rattles the bar!  Tight moment there for Serbia.

46'- Sparkling run for Mueller into the box.  Serbia made sure not to breathe on him for fear of being booked.

43'- Oezil trying his best to work something for Germany despite being down a man.  Ball is just a bit too far for Khedira.

42'- It does look grim for Germany now, but honestly they have a real shot at a Serbian player getting sent off in the second half the way this game has been going.

40'- Certainly Jovanovic didn't anticipate the drop on the other side of the barrier being that long, what a clumsy celebration.  Germany is in real trouble here.

38'- GOAL! Krasic again on the right side with a lovely little weighted cross to the back post, Zigic centers it with a flick and Jovanovic is right there to finish it.

37'- Unbelievable! Klose with a somewhat clumsy tackle, certainly deserving of a foul, but a second yellow means Miroslav's day is over.  Robbie Mustoe is up in arms over the call.

35'- Mueller finds some space out wide and sends in a cross to the back post, it's nodded back in front of goal by Klose, Subotic to the rescue.

33'- Kolarov with a whistling free kick, rises and dips nicely over the wall but he pulled it a bit too hard.

33'- Krasic picks up a loss ball on the edge of the box, Lahm with a careless tackle.  I wonder what happens next? Truth be told it's probably the most deserving tackle thus far.

31'- Schweinsteiger in rare form as he makes a run forward and finds Klose, offsides flag is up.

27'- Oezil struggling to make things work, I anticipated it'd be tougher against this Serbian side, let's see if the young Germans get frustrated.

22'- Now Khedira is carded, this is getting out of hand.

19'- Ivanovic and Kolarov are carded on back to back possessions, yellow cards are being handed out like candy today.  Referee is Spanish, maybe a difference in philosophies, yeah?

16'- My goodness, if you thought Jozy Altidore was big, Zigic is absolutely massive.  He's 6'7''!

15' Serbia are really working Krasic down the wing where German youngster Holger Badstuber is starting, it could be a long day for the young fullback.

13'- Germany starting to work the ball into space more.  Serbia need to start closing down better and get on the attack more or Germany will strike first.

12'- Klose with his second clumsy challenge in the past couple of minutes.  He's shown a yellow card.

11'- Cross from Krasic goes in from the right side.  Ninkovic catches it on the volley but on his weaker foot, shot is off target.

7'- Cracking volley from Podolski, he struck it well but it was always going wide.

6'- Germany controlling possession well so far.  Not as many spaces opening up as there were against Australia, Germany will have to work to break down Serbia today.

3'- Klose is only fours goals behind Ronaldo for the top spot on the all time board.  Will he get some chances today?

1'- I wonder what would happen if a swarm of killer bees acutally attacked a stadium? How ironic would that be?

1'- We're off!

7:29- Beautiful weather in Port Elizabeth today, I was hoping with dropping temperatures we'd see Loew's trademark scarf, but I digress.

7:27- Thank God Pantelic is out of today's match.  He was the bane of my existence in FIFA '09.  We all have our little video game vendettas.

7:24- I heard on the radio that turning the treble all the way down on your TV's audio settings will kill the drone of the vuvuzelas significantly, anyone having any luck?

7:24- Germany started quickly against Australia, it'll be interesting to see if they can find their legs early and create chances again.

7:19- Where is Jurgen Klinsmann in the pre-game? ESPN dropped the ball there.

7:18- For Serbia, Pantelic, Lukovic and Milijas are out, Subotic, Kuzmanovic and Ninkovic are in.

7:17- Joachim Loew unsurprisingly goes with the same 11 as he did against Australia, if it ain't broke don't fix it, right?

7:12- Starting lineups












7:09 EST- We're live.