WWE News: Carly 'Carlito' Colon Released For addiction

LewisAnalyst IIIMay 26, 2010

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I have been scanning the Internet for the latest news on this buzzing topic. As most of you are aware, Carly Colon (Carlito) was released on Friday.

Carlito was one of my favourite WWE superstars, so this piece of news came as a sad one. As a good fan of the guy, I wanted to find more news regarding his humiliating exit.

Carlito was released due to his first violation of the company's Wellness Program. Thus, WWE asked Carlito to go into a rehab clinic, but Carlito disliked the idea and refused to enter.

However, according to a reliable source, I've found that people within the company have expressed their feelings and said Carlito didn't fail a drug test. Actually, WWE felt he was unfit to perform when he arrived at the arena in Canada.

The reason they have asked him to go to rehab was not because of steroids, cocaine or marijuana, but painkillers. The reason for abusing painkillers, according to his legendary father, Carlos Colon Sr., is that Carlito began taking painkillers to ease pain in his back, however, one became two and two became three in a downward spiral of upped doses.

This transformed into painkiller abuse.

Carlos said Carlito's back pain was due to his brutal finisher—The Backstabber. Carlito is forced to endure the weight of another human on his knees whilst dropping flat on his back. As Carlito never went for medical aid, he took more and more painkillers.

Carlito isn't the first to abuse painkillers, many wrestlers have abused them and thus suffered the ultimate result, death.

Umaga, Test, Brian Adams, and Ravishing Rick Rude, just to mention a few. Let's just hope and pray Carlito doesn't end up suffering this fate.

Despite being released, he will be competing at his fathers Puerto Rico promotion at their anniversary show, WWC Aniversario 2010 (I will show results of this event later).

However, Carlito may miss the magnificent event, as he is featured in the main event!

So if Carlito does go into rehab, those plans are out of the window. Carlos Colon said he will put the health of his son ahead of any main event match or show.

Being a fan of Carlito, I hope he will find the road to recovery. I also hope to see Carlito in TNA or WWE in the future.

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