The Fist Pump vs. Racket Breaking

Michael CasentiCorrespondent IMay 21, 2010

Lleyton Hewitt used it.  

Maria Sharapova made it into an art form.  

Serena Williams combined it with screaming with anguish, and Ana Ivanovic wears it.  

It, as in, the fist pump.

Every time a player wins a point, someone is doing a fist pump, whether it is the World No. One, World No. 27, or World No. 127.

Lleyton Hewitt started this, "Fist Pump Revolution." Almost on every single point he won, whether important or not, he pumped his fist.

Maria Sharapova, like Hewitt, did this frequently, almost on every occasion.

After winning a point, she put her fist close to her head, looking to the ground, her face expression fierce.  

And now, Serena Williams.

Serena only fist pumps during key occasions, pumping herself mentally. She lets out a groan or shriek during it.  

The fist pump that stands out in my mind is when Serena broke Justine Henin in the Wimbledon 2007 Quarters, in the second set. That proved to be a key point that allowed Serena to extend the match to a third set, though she lost.

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Now, to the racket breaking.  

It was Marat Safin's hobby.  

Vera Zvonerva's stress reliever.  

Serena's second most likely thing to do, only behind winning.  

Fernando Gonzales is not that bad at it, either.

And even the ice cool Roger Federer, sometimes put his racket in the trash.  

Marat Safin broke his rackets, let's see, 100 times?  

Vera Zvonereva's most recent meltdown in Charleston saw her smashing her racket in disgust.  

Serena constantly does it, she never goes a year without doing it.

Fernando Gonzales, the sensation on YouTube for what? Racket Smashing. There are over 100 videos of him doing, forgive my exaggeration.  

And Roger Federer, who could forget what happened in Miami against Novak Djokovic?  

Need anymore?

I definitely prefer fist pumps, although they can be annoying, but sometimes, you got to admit, racket smashing adds to the flavor.

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