Why Edge Is the WWE's Greatest Superstar on Their Roster

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistApril 21, 2010

Edge Heads unite.  Edge is one of WWE's top performers, and has been for over a decade.  He has held every title there is to hold in the WWE, and he has captured just about every other accolade along the way.

Adam Copeland, aka Edge, has been a wrestling fan his whole life.  Voted "most likely to be WWE champion" in his high school year book, Edge's path to greatness started at a young age.

Edge signed his first WWE contract in 1997, and debuted in 1998 as a loaner type who would enter through the crowd, rather than down the ramp.  This helped Edge's image as it made him more accessible to the fans, both literally and figuratively.

His first major feud was with Gangrel, a vampire character who brought in Christian, Edge's real life best friend and storyline brother.  The three eventually put aside their differences and formed a team.

Their team was known as The Brood, and they were eventually absorbed into Undertaker's ministry of darkness.  The Brood broke away from the Ministry after awhile and Gangrel betrayed E&C and formed an alliance with The Hardy Boys.

E&C and The Hardy's went on to have what is considered by many as the greatest tag team feud of all time.  These four men innovated many different matches from Ladder matches to TLC matches, all of which wowed the audience.

Edge and Christian went on to win seven tag team championships together before splitting up for good.  Edge would later hold another seven tag team titles with Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton, and even his childhood hero, Hulk Hogan.

Once Edge moved away from tag team wrestling, he focused on his singles career.  He feuded with everybody from Christian to Test to Kurt Angle.  In 2001 Edge won The King of the Ring tournament, furthering his singles career.

Having now been crowned the IC champion, Edge began fighting with his brother, and eventually lost and regained the title during their feud, only to later lose the title to Test.

After beating Kurt Angle for the US title, Edge beat Test and unified it with the IC title. Egde would begin to suffer at this point because he seems to have developed a stigma of getting injured at the worst times.

Edge has suffered numerous injuries that would be career ending for normal men, but not The Rated-R superstar.  He has rebounded from all his neck, back, and leg injuries, and each time he comes back, he is better than he was before leaving.

Edge has done it all, and he has done it with every competitor the WWE has had to offer.  He is known worldwide for having had some of the WWE's best feuds, from his tag feud with the Hardy's to his singles feud with Undertaker.

Edge eventually achieved his goal of becoming a World Champion by defeating John Cena.  Edge became a more evil heel than anyone in the WWE at that point, which only furthered his career, as he is by far one of the most popular heels of all time.

He soon became known as the Rated-R superstar, and he obtained that nickname for his violence and risqué story lines, including what was supposed to be a live sex celebration with Lita, his real life girlfriend at the time.

Edge went on to gain nine World Titles, a number most men never dream of reaching.  His resume is more impressive than anyone I can think of.  He has won the Royal Rumble, King of the Ring, and he was the first two-time Mr. Money in the Bank winner.  Edge has held a total of 29 championships in the WWE and one Slammy Award, and what collection is complete without a Slammy.

Edge recently returned from an Achilles tendon injury to his first baby face run in years.  The fact that Edge could play the most evil heel in history, and then go on to be a fan favorite again is a testament to how great he is.

Edge is today's top star in every way.  His in ring storytelling is second to none and his mic skills are simply the best.

Edge could walk away right now and he would be a lock for the WWE Hall of Fame, but he won't because he has plenty of good years left in him to further his legacy that much more.   


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