2010 FC NFL Mock Draft: At 30, the Minnesota Vikings Select...

JP FrederickCorrespondent IMarch 29, 2010

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - OCTOBER 03:  Injured quarterback Sam Bradford #14 of the Oklahoma Sooners looks up to the scoreboard late in the game against the Miami Hurricanes at Land Shark Stadium on October 3, 2009 in Miami Gardens, Florida. Miami defeated Oklahoma 21-20.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)
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Sam Bradford, the former Heisman-winning QB from Oklahoma, the projected top-five (if not first overall) pick, is still here?

Well.....then this is pretty easy, isn't it?

Draft the young kid, the heir apparent.  Minnesota can't pass up the chance to get a potential franchise quarterback this late in the draft.  Let him learn from ol' Brett Favre and then Bradford can take over in a year or two.

Just a little bit of history repeating, right, Aaron Rodgers?

It will probably go better this time around with Favre closer to the end of his career now.  

Then again, the end for Favre might involve him finishing his career in Seattle after demanding a trade from Tennessee, and having his 60-year-old body carted off the field after Julius Peppers Jr. broke his third replacement hip.

Obviously, that won't happen.  Not the Favre playing until he is 60 bit, that could happen.

The Vikings drafting Bradford at 30 part. That ain't happening.

The BleacherReport FC Mock Draft began before the "Bradford at No. 1" talk took hold, causing this unfortunate-looking eyesore on an otherwise stellar mock draft.  

If Bradford were to even fall past the Rams, or the top five or top ten, some team enamored with Bradford would have traded up for him.  Maybe that team would be the Vikings, maybe not.  

It'd probably be the Eagles; I hear they want an offense of all quarterbacks. 

And while the Vikings are going to draft a quarterback at some point in this draft since they are in need of a "QB for the future," picking a quarterback not named Sam Bradford or Jimmy Clausen in the first round would be unwise.  

With Favre more than likely coming back, QB is not a position that needs to be addressed early in the draft.  They can wait and draft a project quarterback in the mid-to-late rounds, such as Tony Pike or Jevan Snead.

The Vikings will be contending for the NFC title again next year, but they have needs to fill in the secondary, offensive line, and linebacking corps, and those needs to be filled if the Vikings want to win the NFC title.  

The secondary could use a safety since Madieu Williams is a sieve, and a corner since Cedric Griffin will be out most of the season with an ACL tear.  Minnesota could use a guard since Anthony Herrera's time has come and gone.  They could use a linebacker since Ben Leber is getting older and EJ Henderson's leg is still in Arizona.

If Maurkice Pouncey, Earl Thomas, Sean Weatherspoon, Taylor Mays, or Kyle Wilson slipped to 30, any would be a great addition.  If Minnesota thinks they can coax Bruce Campbell to live up to his talent, a flier on him would be alright.

The Vikings need to go into this first pick thinking "Best payer available—among offensive linemen, defensive backs, and linebackers." 

If Bradford actually did fall to 30 though, he would be the best player available and supersede the team's other needs.  You can't pass up a chance at a franchise QB, especially since your franchise QB might not have much left. 

But Bradford at 30?

Come on.

28. Cody to the Chargers

27. Pouncey to the Cowboys

26. Williams to the Cardinals

25. Mays to the Ravens

24: Dunlap to the Eagles

23: Kindle to the Packers

22: Odrick to the Patriots

21: Gresham to the Bengals

20: Wilson to the Texans

19: Weatherspoon to the Falcons

18: Iupati to the Steelers

49ers-pick-17-trent-williams" target="_blank">17: Williams to the Niners