Does Stephen Curry Represent The Future Of The Golden State Warriors?

Hadarii JonesSenior Writer IMarch 29, 2010

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There is no question that this NBA season has been disappointing for the Golden State Warriors and their fans, but in the clouds of 2009-10, the Warriors may have found the player capable of leading them into the future.

Rookie point guard Stephen Curry has performed well above expectations and in a season marked by turmoil, has proved to be the Warriors' most consistent and talented player.

Some may scoff at this notion since teammate Monta Ellis gets most of the credit as Golden State's top player, but where the game of Ellis is limited, Curry excels and is only getting better.

Curry will inevitably be compared to Steve Nash due to their similar size, build, and shooting ability, but Curry excels in the area of defense, and this is the one caveat which may propel him past Nash as a player.

Coach Nelson has made the same comparison, and as notorious as he is for his unwillingness to play rookies, there is no way he has been able to resign Curry to the bench.

Curry is winding down an excellent rookie season which witnessed him average 16 points per game to go along with five assists and five rebounds, while shooting 46 percent from the field, and above 40 percent from the three point line.

Curry's improvement during the second half of the season has been phenomenal, and is marked by a variety of games in which he was able to garner double-doubles in terms of points and rebounds.

If the Rookie of the Year award was based on split performances, then Curry would win the second half in a landslide, because of the large number of rookie point guards, Curry has clearly distinguished himself.

So what does the future hold for the dazzling, baby-faced point guard from Charlotte N.C., and how prominently does he figure in the future plans of the Warriors?

With the announcement of owner Chris Cohan's intentions to sell the franchise, a bevy of opportunities have opened for the Bay area team, and the new owners would be insane for not including Curry in their plans.

Besides being the most teachable member of the roster, Curry brings an energy and intensity to each contest he is involved in, and has become the face of the franchise in less than one full season.

For a roster which is dogged by numerous questions, Curry would appear to be the one diamond in the rough who is capable of turning the fortunes of the franchise around.

Ellis was previously thought to be that player, but his lack of a team-first attitude may have made him expendable when it comes time for the Warriors to make important roster decisions.

One of the most impressive things about Curry is his willingness to sacrifice his own offense for the sake of the team, and Golden State would do well in attempting to surround him with like-minded players.

The Warriors will likely figure prominently in the offseason as far as player movements, and post help and a defensive presence are paramount to Golden State turning their season around.

The Warriors can rest assured there is one position on their roster which is definitely settled, and in order for Golden State to move forward, they must entrust the future of their franchise to their young point guard.


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