Portland Trail Blazers One Superstar Away from a Title

Taylor SheldonContributor IMarch 26, 2010

As a solid Portland Trail Blazer fan, I can't help but reminisce about the "What Ifs" with the draft classes over the past few years. Starting with of course the infamous Sam Bowie. The 1984 draft, where the Blazers selected him over future ultra-star Michael Jordan.

Some people start to question if the Blazer organization did the very same thing when they selected injury-prone Oden over blossoming superstar Kevin Durant. Unfortunately, I think we made a big mistake. As Durant climbs the scoring charts in the NBA, The injury-plagued Trailblazers are stuck with the 2007 number one draft pick Oden, sitting on the bench. 

Now I am generally an optimistic person so here are my two cents. Sitting at the bottom of long list of the elite Western Conference teams, the Blazers (who are currently an 8th seed), aren't going to be making much noise in the playoffs this year.

But in this offseason, Portland has a golden opportunity to make some roster adjustments with some big names hitting the market. To name a few, Joe Johnson, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Chris Bosh, Amare Stoudemire, and of course D-Wade and LeBron.

Now I am not by any means pushing for the Blazers to go out and get LeBron because let's be realistic here. But even if Portland went out and spent a little money on a Chris Bosh, or Amare...This team would be relevant again.

The direction that the NBA is headed is not looking good for the "Phoenix Suns" or the "Miami Heats" of the NBA. I'm talking about the teams that are good enough to win a bunch of games during the regular season, but bad enough to not go anywhere in the playoffs. With the powerhouse of the West, the Lakers sitting atop the Western Conference, in the coming years, who's going to make a charge?

With all the free agents waiting to be signed, why can't Portland make their mark? We have seen teams like Dallas become relevant with the signing of Caron Butler. The way I see it, the Portland Trail Blazers are just one more superstar away from becoming title contenders.


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