Why The St. Louis Rams Shouldn't Trade For Philadelphia Eagles QB Donovan McNabb

Mihir Bhagat@mihirbhagatSenior Analyst IIIMarch 26, 2010

With Philadelphia Eagles QB Donovan McNabb, clearly on the market, many fans have been pushing the St. Louis Rams to make a run at the six-time Pro Bowler in order to resurrect a franchise that only managed to win six games in the past three seasons.

On Wednesday, it appeared that the Rams had stepped up to the plate and swung at the opportunity.

According to a source in Philadelphia, the team offered the No. 33 overall pick in the draft, along with FS Oshiomogho Atogwe for McNabb.

Today, however, head coach Steve Spagnola firmly denied all reports saying “There’s nothing to that.”

Personally, I think St. Louis may be one of the worst situations for Donovan to be in and that trading for him would be a bad idea.

Obviously, based on their lackluster roster and inability to win games in recent past, the Rams are a long way from being playoff contenders, let alone Super Bowl contenders.

By the time they are ready to contend in three or four years, McNabb will be 37 and contemplating retirement.

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Moreover, McNabb’s contract expires at the end of the 2010; I highly doubt the 33 year-old quarterback would want to play the rest of his career behind a terrible offensive line, looking for unreliable receivers downfield.

At this stage in his career, McNabb is looking to win a title, not be the savior of a franchise in complete disarray.

Not to mention, from the Rams' perspective, the rumored offer would be too much for what would ultimately be a one-year rental of McNabb. 

The 33rd pick in this year’s draft is going to be extremely valuable for two primary reasons.

First off, this is one of the deepest drafts in a long time and the Rams may be able to get the kind of player at that pick that they would possibly find with a mid-first rounder in other drafts.

Furthermore, because of the new draft format, the second round will begin on day two, which means teams will have a full night to flirt with the possibility of trading up to draft a player who may have slipped out of the round.

So with that in mind, the Rams could get a lot of value in return for that pick, which is why they should keep it until draft day.

Additionally, Otogwe, the other element to the alleged trade proposition, is a much too important of an asset for the team to give up.

He provides tremendous production, was second on the team in tackles a year ago, and has recorded 19 interceptions over the past five seasons.

Moreover, he is the backbone to their secondary and a leader of the team overall.

Even though I’m not a Rams fan, I’m hoping that they don’t trade for McNabb, as I think it would be a too expensive and an ineffective long-term move that would put a great QB in a terrible position.

In the end, the Rams are much better off drafting Sam Bradford with the No. 1 overall pick in the upcoming draft, and if you take a look at my mock draft, I’m predicting that they do so.

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