Daunte Culpepper to The Buffalo Bills: "I Can Be The Guy"

Roger GidlowContributor IMarch 23, 2010

DETROIT - OCTOBER 11:  Dante Culpepper #11 of the Detroit Lions throws a pass against the Pittsburgh Steelers during their NFL game on October 11, 2009 at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

I woke up this morning and did the daily routine. Take a shower, eat some breakfast, and check ESPN for some Bills news...if there is any. Low and behold when I check the AFC East Blog there is an article stating that Culpepper wants to talk to the Bills.

Culpepper is currently down in Florida attending the annual owner's meetings. The only reason he is there is because he is in search of an NFL gig.

It is certain that Buffalo has quarterback issues. Culpepper is certain he can help Buffalo;"I would love to talk to Buffalo," Culpepper said. "I don't know if they'd have an open mind, but I'd love to talk to them. I would love to have a chance to compete there."

"Give me the opportunity. I can be the guy."

Well the question is: can he?

Ever since his gruesome injury when he played his final game with Minnesota, Culpepper has not been the same. He also did not have Randy Moss on any other of the teams where he tried to rejuvenate his career. So can he still do it?

Culpepper's stats read like this: 23,208 passing yards, 146 touchdowns, 101 intercepts, QB rating 90.0. Does any QB on the Bills have potential to reach stats even close to that? Culpepper has taken his team to the playoffs before, but Trent can't do it, Fitz can't do it, Brohm surely won't do it.

In every interview, GM Buddy Nix has beat around the bush regarding questions to the QB position. I would too if I were Nix. I wouldn't want to make a decision regarding the "Terrible Trio" that is the Bills QB Depth Chart either.

The thing that keeps sitting in my head is that there is a guy WANTING to come to Buffalo.

Lets be honest, every fan is sick of Edwards, Fitz, and Brohm simply because neither of the three can lead us past a 7-9 season at best. They just aren't that good.

Is Culpepper that good? Well he says he is back to 100% from the injuries that slowed him down the past years.

If the Bills were to draft a QB this year, what would be the chance he starts. If it's Clausen at number nine, Gailey will not put him in until he's ready. Any QB taken in the later rounds will not be able to start early either.

Will this happen? Probably not due to the fact that Culpepper is 33 years old, and signing a QB at that age when the Bills are in a "rebuilding" year. But we have been "rebuilding" for what, 10 years now?

This is just another rumor that Bills fans will be disgusted with just like me, but feel free to comment.


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