Dawn Bartlett Murphy Is Proof That Woman Do Belong in NASCAR Talk Radio

Sal Sigala Jr.Senior Analyst IMarch 23, 2010

When it comes to sports talk radio, most of us have our favorite radio celebrities that we make it a point to listen to religiously.

Whether it’s first thing in the morning while commuting to work, or sitting at home over a hot cup of coffee along with the morning newspaper, for a lot of us there is no better way to get the day started.

Sports talk radio has come along way in the past decade or so, with most of the popularity being attributed to the Internet because the majority of the shows are being broadcast over live stream and all it takes is a click of the mouse and you can pick up stations from all over the world.

No longer is the sports fan married to the local stations that are only broadcast around their area anymore, because of the Internet we now have a multitude of stations to choose from.

Ever since NASCAR signed the multi-billion dollar television deal to begin the 2001 racing season, the upswing in NASCAR related talk shows also began to rise because of the newer fans who were being introduced to the sport.

The fans were hungry to get their NASCAR fix during the week, so they flocked to the various radio shows to share their thoughts as well as debate the hot topics from the previous week’s race.

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With NASCAR only racing once a week unlike other sports that play games during the week, along with having multiple teams which compete at stadiums across the United States each weekend that keep their talk shows busy.

NASCAR is also finding its way into the everyday sports broadcasts alongside the NFL, MLB, and the NBA.

The competition that is out there because of the tight knit community that NASCAR fans run by, makes it hard for any NASCAR radio host to just come into the sport and think they will automatically get accepted without first proving they know what they are talking about.

Dawn Bartlett Murphy is no stranger to sports talk radio, and she along with her in studio co-hosts Chip DuBose and Mike Haag, are in their sixth season doing TRACKSMACK...their second year at www.ticket760.com which is broadcast out of San Antonio, Texas.

When Dawn is on the road, she takes her co-host Jason Allison of NASCAR media group, along with Philippe Lopez of NEMCO Motor sports who also joins her on a weekly basis.

Dawn began her career in radio when she started at a news-talk station as a call screener.

Within four months she was producing the afternoon drive show, and within two years she was the executive producer of the station while producing the morning and afternoon show.

Before long she became the public affairs director for the station, and from there she moved over to launch the ESPN Radio affiliate station in San Antonio.

Dawn became the executive producer, the afternoon sports anchor, and a co-host on the afternoon drive show as well as hosting track smack there.

“I have known since my freshman year in high school what I wanted to do. I used to tell folks I would be the first female NBA play by play commentator,” said Dawn when asked what got her interested in doing a sports talk show?

Dawn also added that, “I would video tape old Celtics-Lakers series or Pistons-Celtics games and play them back muted so I could practice my play by play.”

Dawn along with her morning show host Trey Ware started as a small pre-race show before their station took over the PRN coverage of races.

Within six months, TRACKSMACK with Dawn Murphy was up and running and they haven't looked back since.

Dawn’s aggressiveness behind the microphone has made her a fan favorite for those who tune in on Saturday mornings to listen to her show, and she attributes that trait to the huge amount of pressure she puts on herself to give the radio listeners a sense of togetherness.

Being a fan herself, Dawn knows how passionate NASCAR fans are about the sport which has helped her to take a laid back approach, but at the same time she will take a hard hitting approach when it comes to certain topics.

Life hasn’t always been easy for Dawn, and she was willing to share some of the changes she has gone through in just the last year alone because of the economy.

Dawn lost her full-time job with the station she was working for, which unfortunately came two weeks after deciding that her marriage was over and she had to move.

Since then she has started her own independent show which she produces, directs, and does her own bookings.

She is also working hard on trying to get the show picked up into syndication right now.

Some of Dawns guests have included, Kyle Busch, Danica Patrick, Jennifer Jo Cobb, Mario Andretti, Rusty Wallace, Kenny Wallace, Scott Dixon, Dan Wheldon, and Juan Pablo Montoya just to name a few.

Dawn has also visited Richmond, Bristol, Phoenix, Daytona, Michigan, Las Vegas, and Texas which she thanks her sponsors for making most of the traveling possible even though she still covers her own expenses.

Dawn is not one to put limits on her dreams or aspirations as far as her career is concerned, so it wouldn't come as a big surprise if someday we see her on television as a race reporter.

“I am always open to moving up and possibly over to the TV side of things.” “Here's the thing, I LOVE radio though because of the freedom and ability to be expressive. I find myself explaining to people that I am not so much a reporter as I am a HOST.”

“I have the freedom to be more opinionated, be more passionate and expressive in radio. That's what I love. It's also what I think folks relate to."

"There will be those who will agree with me at times, and those who want to unleash on me, but everyone has a dog in the fight. I love the ability to debate.”

You can hear Tracksmack live every Saturday Morning starting at 9 A.M. CST, or stream it LIVE at www.ticket760.com

You can find her on twitter at: http://www.twitter.com/tracksmack

You can also find her on Facebook at: TRACKSMACK with DAWN MURPHY