Should the National Football League Use a Farm System?

Jason Clary@IamJClaryCorrespondent IMarch 23, 2010

A NFL roster usually consists of 53 players.

Backups tend to be more of use on special teams, while other backups wait on the bench with an uncertainty of whether they will ever get a snap in a meaningful NFL game.

These players are employed, but aren't doing much. These players include back—up quarterbacks, fourth—string running backs and members of the practice squad.

Here is a question that probably hasn't been asked much: Should the NFL use a farm system so players, such as the ones I listed above, can see their way onto the field?

I know what you are thinking. Yes, players get hurt too often and that every team's bench isn't big enough to impose such a thing.

But, here is my proposal: Make eight farm teams. Take players from practice squads of other teams and mix them up into these teams.

Not only would this create a separate revenue for these eight farm league franchises, but players would finally be able to showcase their skills on a field instead of having to sit on a bench.

This would be an easier way to progress talent, find talent and give guys a morale boost by putting them onto the field.

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Another thing that can be done is using current free agents. Some of these players would normally head to a different football league like the CFL.

However, with this opportunity, these players would still be able to have a link back to the NFL if they perform well.

Some of you probably remember NFL Europe. It showcased similar practices with practice squad players, undrafted free agents and bench players.

This would bring back this element of the game, but it would keep it on American soil instead of having to travel to places like Berlin or Frankfurt Germany.

Major League Baseball uses a farm system, as does the NHL and NBA. These games also generate a pretty decent revenue for towns like Wilkes, Barry, Scranton and Birmingham.

Apart from injuries, which are a normal part of professional sports to begin with, I don't see any reason why the NFL wouldn't at least explore an option like this.  

NFL teams succeed based on their evaluation process and this is a great way to further evaluate free agents or current roster talent.

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