Dana White on Jon Jones: "He shouldn't have a loss."

Gavin VincentCorrespondent IMarch 22, 2010

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Jon Jones has a big fan: Dana White. Last night, the UFC president commented that Jones' record should currently be an undefeated one.

Jones holds a 10-1 MMA record. His only loss was a disqualification to Matt Hamill at The Ultimate Fighter 10 Finale last December, where he threw a few illegal 12-6 elbows to Hamill's face.

White, on the other hand, sees the loss from a different perspective.

"It shouldn't have happened," he said to the media after UFC on Versus 1. "It shouldn't have happened that way. He shouldn't have a loss, so it's unfortunate."

Referee Steve Mazzagatti stopped the fight after Jones struck Hamill with illegal elbows, prompting the fight's end. But according to White, Hamill could have continued fighting through it.

"It was a downward elbow, you take a point," White said. "Hamill couldn't continue because his shoulder was messed up. It had nothing to do with the elbow."

During the bout, Hamill suffered a dislocated shoulder, but the fight did not end because of that. Hamill continued to fight through the injury."

"Why the fight was stopped had nothing to do with the elbow," White said. "If he had been gashed open and the fight couldn't continue, or broke his nose and couldn't continue - anything to do with the face or anything to do with an illegal strike - then I'd get it. But it didn't. He couldn't continue because of his shoulder. That should have never had been the call."

Speaking to commentator Joe Rogan after the bout last December, Jones acknowledged his mistake, saying that he's young and new to the big stage, and will learn from the loss.