Mark Ingram, Former New York Giant WR, Sentenced Two Additional Years

Daniel KablackCorrespondent IIIMarch 22, 2010

Former Giants wide receiver Mark Ingram Sr., the father of 2009 Heisman winner and Alabama RB Mark Ingram Jr., has been sentenced to two additional years in prison for jumping bail in order to watch his son play in the Sugar Bowl about a year ago.

He was serving a seven-year sentence for money laundering and bank fraud, which now has been extended to nine years.

Ingram had asked a judge if he could watch his son in the bowl game against Utah, but the judge denied his request.

About 18 years ago, Ingram won a Super Bowl with the New York Giants.

Ingram has been in and out of jail since his NFL day ended in 1996.

In December 2008, he was slated to surrender to police in order to serve his time, but was granted a delay to watch his son, Ingram Jr., finish his freshman season at the University of Alabama.

When Ingram had appealed to the judge for a second delay that same month in order to watch his son play in the New Orleans Sugar Bowl and was denied, he went on the run.

Ingram Sr. was arrested about a month later in a Michigan motel room, just a couple hours before the Sugar Bowl was set to kick off.

Officers say they found him in his underwear, laying on the bed watching the pre-game festivities.

Central Islip, Long Island Judge Thomas Platt told Ingram Sr. that he was sorry he had to extend his sentence, but it was necessary in order to put the point through.

"I do this with a heavy heart. It tears my heart out. It's too bad it had to end this way. But disobeying court orders from a judge is a very serious thing," the judge said.

Ingram Sr. apologized for his actions to the judge stating it was absolutely wrong.

This makes it likely that Ingram Sr. will never get a chance to watch his son play from a stadium seat again. 


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