Eddie "Umaga” Fatu's Autopsy and Toxicology Report Revealed

Jacob Waring@@Jacobin_WisdomAnalyst IIIMarch 21, 2010

Eddie Fatu, otherwise known by the wrestling community as Umaga, died from a combination of acute toxicity, heart disease, and a failed liver.

We were all shocked when Umaga died, but the cause of his death was vague. All we knew at the time was that he had a heart attack and died.

The acute toxicity, it turns out, was from hydrocodone (a painkiller), carisoprodol (a muscle relaxer), and diazepam (an anxiety medication). The autopsy also showed that he had heart disease (hypertensive cardiovascular disease) and a failed liver

The combination of heart disease and a deadly mix of three different pills led to his unfortunate death.

This is a continuance of a startling trend of wrestlers dying before the age of 40 due to drugs or painkiller abuse.

I hope Eddie Fatu is the last young wrestler to die for a long time, and my heart goes out to his family!


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