2010 NFL Draft: Tim Tebow Just Won't Go Away From The Cleveland Browns

Brian DiTullioSenior Writer IMarch 19, 2010

With draft preparation in full swing, believe everything and nothing you hear from head coaches, general managers and team presidents.

That goes double if they work for the Cleveland Browns.

Mike Holmgren and Eric Mangini went south for a day to attend the pro day for Tim Tebow and Joe Haden. Haden is a favorite to be the Browns' First Round pick, and Tebow is gaining steam to go to the Browns in the second round, assuming he's not taken first elsewhere.

Holmgren had glowing reviews for Tebow's pro day performance, his only knock being Tebow looked "robotic" and might revert to his old form when under real pressure during a game.

The $20 million question at this point is whether Holmgren's presence at Tebow's workout, besides doing his due diligence, shows real interest in drafting the quarterback, or just a nice smokescreen to indulge in since he wanted to look at Haden anyway.

Holmgren also has expressed interest publically in Sam Bradford, but the liklihood of Bradford still being on the board by pick seven is highly unlikely. The only realistic scenario that would involve Bradford falling to seventh would be if the St. Louis Rams pick Jimmy Clausen and the Washington Redskins pull a left turn and don't draft a quarterback.

Holmgren has been a refreshing voice for the Browns after Mangini's maddening coachspeak, non-answer press conferences last year. Not that Holmgren has opened the playbook or anything,  but he's been more willing to explain controversial moves in more expansive ways than, "It's part of the process."

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Drafting Tebow is a concept that has been bandied around as a concept, but not really taken seriously until this past week. Once Holmgren replaced Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn and then attended Tebow's pro day, it's now an idea needing deeper consideration.

Tebow is a great athlete, his accuracy in college was above average with a 67.8 completion percentage his senior year. He can throw downfield and he can tuck that ball in and get the yards himself, if necessary.

His mechanics have created the huge question mark around his final draft position, but he's gotten glowing reviews for how he's altered them so far since the Senior Bowl.

The Browns have 12 draft picks, but only one a piece for the first two rounds. It's not inconceivable to project the Browns are going to package some of those lower picks to move up into the second round again.

The question is, do the Browns fill another area of need with their first pick in the second round, or do they fill another area of need and wait and see if Tebow drops a little further before moving up and taking him again?

Whatever the Browns do, believe nothing you see or hear from the front office brass because for all we know, Colt McCoy or one of the other prospects could be the one the team is targeting.


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