ECW Originals Tweet About Paul Heyman, Is There A TNA Connection?

Tim ListAnalyst IMarch 18, 2010

An Extreme Reunion took place last night, and the Internet is buzzing about it. On his official Twitter site (http://twitter.com/THETOMMYDREAMER), Tommy Dreamer wrote that he was headed to Long Island to have dinner with some ECW Originals.

Then, ECW Original and current TNA color commentator Taz wrote on his Twitter page  (http://twitter.com/officialtaz) Dinner tonite YEARS in the making! Hope I SURVIVE, it should be Innovative & Dangerously fun! Jeez, its a long ride to Dudleyville!

The speculation was rampant, especially Dreamer then posted I had dinner with Taz Bubba Paul Heyman yes it is true let the rumors start.

The story got picked up by Mike Johnson, a very respected reporter over at PWInsider, who posted the story about the "Secret Meeting" here: http://www.pwinsider.com/ViewArticle.php?id=46037

Other sites soon followed, including Jason Powell's ProWrestling.Net, which reported on the dinner here: http://www.prowrestling.net/artman/publish/miscnews/article10010877.shtml

The popular site 411Mania added to the controversy with their post (http://www.411mania.com/wrestling/news/133144/Various-News:-Kong-Officially-Gone-From-TNA,-Paul-Heyman-Meets-With-Taz-and-Bubba-Ray,-More.htm), stating Tommy Dreamer has been approached about going to TNA, and many fans have been hoping Paul Heyman would go to TNA.

Then Dave Meltzer noted the reports (http://www.f4wonline.com/content/view/12680/), and stated Both Tommy Dreamer and Taz tweeted about a get together last night with Bubba Ray Dudley and Paul Heyman.  They teased about rumors getting started.  The idea of a Heyman-led ECW faction coming to TNA has been talked about for some time, so it's no surprise.  My gut says Dreamer is likely going and Heyman is less likely.

Heyman has not acknowledged the reports or commented on his Twitter (http://twitter.com/HeymanHustle), but that's to be expected. Heyman has definitely put the word out that he's not returning to wrestling, but with so much pressure on TNA to deliver in this new move to Monday nights, how much longer can TNA wait before they at least make the move to see what Heyman really has to offer? Heyman's booking in ECW 1993-2001 was a legendary run, and Dreamer was his right hand man. Heyman has also given huge praise to producer Ron Buffone, Taz, Bubba Ray, and Raven in interviews as people that deserve credit for being his support staff in ECW. Heyman's run as head writer for WWE Smackdown under the watchful eye of Vince and Stephanie McMahon saw the emergence of Brock Lesnar as well as the legendary "Smackdown Six," in which Heyman built the brand around Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, Los Guerreros, Edge, and Rey Mysterio. A return to pro wrestling, after a 3+ years hiatus for Heyman would be the most interesting move TNA could make, although if Heyman's heart is just not into and he just does it for the money, he'll end up like Bischoff and all the rest who have tried to recapture past glory days.

It's going to be interesting to watch how this all plays out, because with TNA doing a 1.0 first week and a 0.8 with Jeff Hardy vs AJ Styles in the main event for week two, TNA will either have to move from 9pm -11pm to 8pm-10pm or retreat back to Thursdays.


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